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Jan-Feb 1988: Signs and Seasons, Shavuot ‘88 Israel, O Give Thanks, From Generation to Generation, Messiah Has Come!, Thanksgiving and Praise, Lest We Forget Our Roots, The Proselyte (A Jew by Choice), But, But, But, The Declining of World Jewry (population), Jew-Haters and Other Racists, The Bible and the TV Guide, Abraham: The Law and Grace, Israel: A Bargain Investment.


Mar-Apr 1988: Messianic Judaism: What Is It? This Life and Death, Hidden Sins, Is American Zionism Dead?, Passover Around the World, The Difference, Let My People Go, Israel in the Latter Days, Still a Jew, Can These Bones Live???, He Who Has Eyes to See, Let Him See, Russia Attacks Israel, Trouble in Gaza, A Letter About the Khazars.


May-June 1988: Happy Birthday, Israel!!, Headlights in the Storm, “Remember the Sabbath, to Keep it Holy”, Sabbath Observance in the New Testament, Yad Vashem (Israel’s Holocaust Memorial), The Place of Gentiles in Messianic Judaism, The Power of Love, “It’s Times Like These”, The Shofar


Jul-Aug 1988: The Angel Of The Lord (YHWH), How To Be A Winner, The Development Of Anti-Jewish Attitudes, A Question About Abraham’s Other Kids, Letters From Overseas, A Letter Of Protest, Our Reply to “Protest,” Letter From Jerusalem; Volunteers For Israel, Mail From Israel; Messianic Jewish Aliyah, A Letter About Trinity and Holy Spirit, Tiny Israel Surrounded, The Palestinian Problem.


Sep-Oct 1988: HaTikvah–Written by a Messianic Jew, “Speak Kindly to Jerusalem”, The Yom Kippur Prayer of Kether, “Happy Are the People Who Know the Call”, The Gospel According to Rod Serling, A Letter Against Messianic Judaism, Protestant Confessions About Sunday, Is the Star of David Kosher?, The Ancient and Modern Hebrew Aleph-Bet, A Testimony About Tithing, Circumcision Re-examined, The Gospel and the Law, If Moses Were Alive Today, Love That Costs Something, Do Gentiles Have To Keep the Feasts?, Volunteers for Israel.


Nov-Dec 1988: Is The Cross A Kosher Symbol?, Columbus: A Messianic Jew?, Once Upon A Time There Was A Temple, The Dreydel, Before The Flood, After The Rain, Anti-Semitism In The Development of Christianity, The Hebrew Aleph-Bet (Alphabet), A Pilgrim’s Dream, The Maven.



 Jan-Feb 1989: The Jews and Abraham Lincoln, Respect the Elderly, First The Natural, Then The Spiritual, Tzitzit (Fringes), Bullfrogs and Backsliders, Book Review: An Ancient Hebrew Matthew, It’s Jewish, Out With The Old--In With The New, Making Friends Suffer: Unwanted Zionists, “Bogart And The News, Double Standard, Sufficiently Given, Soviet Jewish Emigration, Testimonies of Encouragement, Japan At The Crossroads: Greed Or God’s Blessings.


Mar-Apr 1989: Passover: Traditional And Messianic, The Pollards: Still Waiting For Justice, Messiah, A Passover Story, Jewish Contributions to Civilization, Purim, Gird Your Minds, Joseph–Forerunner Of The Messiah, The Jewish Badge, The Anti-Messiah, Has Arafat Changed?, Learning From Animals, Learning From The Ostrich, The Ten Commandments.


May-June 1989: For God So Loved The World, Glimpses From Our Israeli Experience, A Time To Weep, And A Time To Laugh, A Second View (of the Holocaust), Shavuot (Pentecost), Anti-Judaism And The Council Of Nicea, “Life...More Abundantly,” Aliyah (Moving To Israel), A Messianic Testimony, “Who Do You Say That I Am?”, The Abrahamic Covenant Confirmed, Existence Of Israel From A Sephardic Perspective


Jul-Sep 1989: Anakhnu Ma’anim...(We Believe). Iraq: An Accusation Of Torture, The Abrahamic Covenant, Is Doctrine A Dirty Word?, Who Is A Jew...And Who Isn’t, The Resurrection of Yeshua, When God Created Mothers,  “Circumcise Therefore The Foreskin Of Your Heart,” Sources Of The Holocaust, Israel’s Popularity Dropping, Letters From Israel, Israel: America’s Key To  Greatness, Sins that Effect Your Eternity,  Judea and Samaria: Whom Does It Belong To?


Oct-Dec 1989: The Gypsy Holocaust, A Tribute To Mothers, Depression And The Believer, No Jewish Guilt, “In The Beginning”, From Japan–With Love, 350,000 Believers in Yeshua, The High Holy Days, ‘Twas The Night Before Yeshua Came, Letters About Circumcision, Arabs Terrorize Arabs, Atonement, Before the Flood, The Most Famous Jew Of All, Abortion in Israel and Be’ad Chaim, The Messiah In Prophecy, The Ten Virgins, Arabs Should Have Left Israel Alone.



Jan-Mar 1990: Remember The Sabbath Day, To Keep It Holy, Sabbath Observance In The New Testament, Prosperity Or Economic Collapse?, Forgotten History Of Messianic Judaism, Modern Hebrew At 100, An Ordinary Man, A Letter About The “Gap Theory”, Genealogies Of The Bible,  The Akedah (Binding of Isaac,  Debating The Godhead, A Letter From Jerusalem, Turkish Genocide of Christian Armenia, “Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving”.


Apr-June 1990: Passover: Traditional And Messianic, Is Oral Torah Binding For Messianic Jews?, Russian Jews Fleeing U.S.S.R., The Japanese Jewish Connection, If A Stone Is Throne, Messianic Judaism: A Way Of Life, “I Am Not Ashamed Of The Good News”, China: The Messianic Jewish Connection, The Origin Of Sunday, Proselytes To Messianic Judaism, Praise YHWH For HIS Righteousness, The Media’s War Against Israel, Mail From Jerusalem, Question Box, A New Covenant Sacrifice, Health & Healing Using Biblical Principles, The Chosen One.


Jul-Sep 1990: Keep Your Hands Off Our Jews!, Jewish Translations Of The Bible, How To Raise A Messianic Cat, The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble, Rabbinic Judaism, A Rich Lady Goes To Heaven, A Healing Miracle, A New Covenant Halakhah, A Question About Proselytes, Getting Old, In Israel: A Second Look At Yeshua, Images Of Light.


Oct-Dec 1990: The Seventh Shofar, “Love One Another”, Review: Matthew From An Old Hebrew Manuscript, Vignettes From The Holocaust, Child-Like Faith, The “Patagonian Zionist” Plot, Judaism: The Religion Of Praise!, Tikkun Olam: Repairing The World, Letter From Simcha Pearlmutter, Simchat Torah (The Joy Of  The Law), The Maccabees – Champions For Torah, Israel-Bashing Denounced, The Birth Of Messiah: Myths And Facts, Questions About Messiah,



 Jan-Mar 1991: The Ark of the Covenant, The Jew, The Righteousness of A Young Priest, Creation Experienced the Creator, Welcome to Another Year!!, A Palestinian Defends Israeli Policy, The Day Yeshua Died, Eliyahu the Tishbite, How Jewish Believers Were Weeded Out, A Tree, A Giraffe, and the Tongue, The Synagogue of Satan, Eternal Security: False Security?, Assimilation, Saddam Hussein: Unmasked, Abortion.


 Apr-June 1991: The P’rushim (Pharisees), Happy Birthday, Messianic Judaism!,  Faith And Righteousness, Presidents Lincoln And Kennedy. Israel: Survival Amidst Adversity, Is The Star Of David Kosher?, Our Trip To Colombia, Dead Sea Scrolls Editor Fired, Shimshon (Samson): A Mighty Judge, The New Covenant: Messianic Blueprint, The Wailing Wall


Jul-Sep 1991: Parable Of The Good Samaritan And Halakha, Yeshua – Lord Of The Sabbath, Forgotten Chalutzim (Pioneers), Moslems Kill Moslems In The Middle East, Jewish Boys Observe Torah...And Are Blessed, Be Careful What You Ask For...You Might Get It!, Why Kosher, Open Letter To James Baker, Love And Romance, Messianic Judaism: What Is It?, Should There Be A Palestinian State?, Anti-Semitism Blocks Mideast Peace, The Resurrection Of Yeshua, Ancient Hebrew &     Aramaic Alphabets,  Anti Semitism In The Development of Christianity.


Oct-Dec 1991: We Believe With Perfect Faith, Theory Of Evolution And Modern Anti-Semitism, Joseph: A Man Willing To Resist Temptation, An Introduction To The Talmud, Sex And The Messianic Jew, Jewish Genealogy And The Book Of Ezra, An Interview With The Beresfords, If Moses Were Alive Today, Where Did Christianity Fail?, A Question About Tithing, Divorce: Is It Kosher?, Sharing The Messiah With Sensitivity, The Importance Of Hanukah.



 Jan-Mar 1992: Messianic Judaism In The Book Of Acts, Introduction To The Talmud: Part II, Rabbis Find Messiah, A Black Jew Finds His Messiah, Before The Flood ...And The Origin Of Demons, Israel Has Nothing To Fear!, Shabbat And The Messianic Jew, The Inspiration Of the N.T., Perversity In America, It’s Jewish!, The Jewish Wedding (And Yeshua’s Return), Let’s Get The Facts Straight, Imputed Righteousness, The Journey (A Personal Testimony).


Apr-June 1992: The Jonathan Pollard Case Revisited, The Ghost Of Marcion, Rabbis Find The Messiah (Part 2), Why Kosher, An Introduction To Talmud (Part 3), The U.S. and the U.N. Vote To Condemn Israel, The Crusaders: A Vale Of Tears, Spiritual Static, The Galatian Heresy, A Woman Clothed With The Sun, Drinking At The Sources, High Holy Days, Authority On Campus & The P.C, People, Bullfrogs And Those Backsliding Blues, The Gospel According To Rod Serling.


Jul-Sep 1992: The Angel Of The Lord (YHWH), “Lost” Tribes Of Israel, Wrong Day–Right Way, The Ghost Of Marcion (Part 2), “1492, Columbus Was A Jew”, Yozel’s Hasid, The Believer’s Walk, Hebrew With Latin Letters, An Introduction To The Talmud (Part 4), Freedom And & Responsibility, Mail From Around The World, The Anti-Messiah, Messianic Advertisements, How To Study (And Understand) The Bible, “Eyeglasses”.


Oct-Dec 1992: Editorial: Media Wars (and Tabloid Journalism), Our Messianic Vision, An Interview With Gary Beresford, “Husbands, Love Your Wives”, An Introduction To The Talmud (Part 5), Spiders And Englishmen, Rules Of The Road, To The Law And The Testimony, “Behold The Virgin”, The Talmud And The New Testament, Columbus: His Jewish Friends And Associates, Is Messianic Judaism Really Biblical Judaism?, Thanksgiving And Praise, The Holy Spirit In Jewish Tradition, Is The Cross A Kosher Symbol?.



 Jan-Mar 1993: Wishy-Washy Believers For Yeshua, The Chukim (Statutes) Of YHWH; A Tree, A Giraffe, And The Tongue; An Introduction To The Talmud (Part 6), Message From A Messianic Believer In Poland, The First Plot To Destroy All Jews, Israel’s End-Time Battles, A New Partition?, 6,000 Christians Attend Feast In Jerusalem, Is The New Testament Anti-Semitic?, Prayer In School vs. Secularism, Feedback From Our Readers, Christopher Columbus: A Messianic Jew?, Bitter Waters, Radical Changes In Television, Question Box (Who Is Yeshua?), The Latest News About The Beresfords, Book Review: Circumcision And The Believer.


Apr-June 1993: The Whole Testimony Of God, “Lay Up For Yourselves Treasures In Heaven”, The Creation Of Man (And Woman), Peace–Or Prelude To War?, Meat And The Western Diet, The Warsaw Ghetto Revolt, Yeshua Our Passover Lamb,  False Prophets And “Charismania”, Bearing Fruit, I.E.S.,   “Beloved, Let Us Love One Another”, Worldliness And The Believer, Can These Bones Live?


Jul-Sep 1993: Knowing God’s Will For Your Life, Peace–Or Prelude To War, Introduction To The Talmud(Part 7),    Yom Kippur: “At-One-Ment” With God, I Found The Truth, The Search For the Lost Ark, Torah, The Heart, And Deception; Messiah’s Prayer,  News: Bits and Pieces, Women Of The Tenakh, A Survivor Recalls The Holocaust, Sefer Chaim (The Book Of Life), Reverend Twistruth, The Grace Of God, Messianic Judaism: What Is It?


Oct-Dec 1993: L’Chaim (To Life), Thirteen Articles Of Faith, An Introduction To The Talmud (Part 9), The Shape Of Things To Come, Reverend Twistruth, Peace (?) In The Middle East, The Maccabees: Warriors Against Assimilation, Peace–Or Prelude To War?, Intercession For Israel, Israeli Secret Agent Exposes Neo-Nazis, Bewhiskered Believer Bewildered By Beard-haters, Letters About The Ark, But Is It Kosher?, Who Do You Say That I Am?.



 Jan-Mar 1994: The Importance Of Huddling, Introduction To The Talmud (Part 10), 500 Years Of Sephardic Misadventure, The “Teaching” Of YHWH, Celebration Of The New Moon, Reverend Twistruth, Israel: Why Is This Nation Different From All Others?, Peace In Our Time? (Part 1), The Resurrection Of Yeshua, The Journey Of A Lifetime (1994 Tour To Israel), Who Is On The Lord’s Side?, The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble, China: The Messianic Jewish Connection, The Mystery Of Melchizedek, Abraham: The Early Years, Petah Tikvah Mailbox, “Peace And Safety”.


Apr-June 1994: The Early Martyrs, We Have Lost Our Reverence For The Law,  “Honor Your Father And Mother,” Shavuot The Giving Of Torah And Ruakh, Peace In Our Time? (Part 2), Refining The Vision For Hebrew Liturgy, Touring Israel, The Journey Of A Lifetime, Where Have All The Giants Gone?, A Report From Israel, The Mark Of YHWH’s Faithful Remnant, “We Wrestle Not”, The Palestinian Myth.


Jul-Sept 1994: Yom Ha-Din–Judgement At The Great White Throne, Peace In Our Time? (Part 3), Ruth: A Jew By Choice, Tish B’Av: The Black Feast, Olam Ha-Ba – The World To Come, True Confessions: I Was A Pork-Eating Gentile, The Untold Story Of Charles Darwin, An Interview With Simcha Pearlmutter, The Journey Of A Lifetime, The Fearsome Leviathan, Haym Salomon: An American Patriot, Three Sukkas, Teshuvah (Repentance), Vegetarianism And The Bible.


Oct-Dec 1994: Simchat Torah (The Rejoicing Of The Law), The New Covenant: Blueprint For A Messianic Life, Peace In Our Time? (Part 4), Thanksgiving Among The Pilgrims, Chinese And Jewish Calendar Similarities, “Husbands, Love Your Wives”, Secret Code In The Beginning Of The Tanakh, Human Sacrifice: Ancient And Modern, Columbus: His Jewish Connections, A Living Faith, Learning From Children, Dreams: What Do They Mean?, A Letter From Jerusalem To The World, The Birth Of Messiah: Myths And Facts, Sam Bacchiocchi’s Sabbath.



 Jan-Mar 1995: A Nation Of Priests, Israel’s Indisputable Right To Its Land, Faith Or Works?, Invocation Of The Name In Scripture And Tradition, Balaam: The Prophet Greedy For Profit, The Burning Bush, Happy Anniversary!, Moshe’s Health Regulations, God’s Redemptive Purposes, Rebuilding The Temple, Anti-Semites And The City Of God, Computer Secrets Of The Torah, The Righteousness Of A Young Priest, Avinu Malkenu (Our Father, Our King).


Apr-June 1995: The Corinthians: Charismatics With Problems, Israel’s Indisputable Right To Its Land, Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), The Toronto Experience, Why Did Messiah Have To Die?, Question Box: “Eternal Security” And Divorce, The Good Lord Pardon Every One, Miracle Needed For Israel.


Jul-Sep 1995: The Curse Of Balaam, Israel’s Indisputable Right To Its Land (Part 3), Reintroducing Reverend Twistruth, Siddur (The Jewish Prayer Book), Aliyah, My Sin, Anti-Judaism And The Council Of Nicea, Third Class Tickets Still Available, The Seventh Shofar (And The Rapture), Body Parts, Question Box: (Immortality, Heaven, & Hell), Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve, The Believer And God’s Law, Rome And Judea, The Oral Law According To Moses.


Oct-Dec 1995: A Dwelling Place for the Spirit of God, A Genuine Messianic Jewish Identity, The Middle Wall of Partition, 1996 Israel Tour, Healing to the Soul, Where Was God During the Holocaust?, Forgotten History of Messianic Judaism, The Jew, Rev Twistruth and the Circus Revival, Apostasy to Armageddon, Israel’s Indisputable Right to It’s Land (Part 4), Erusin & Nissu’in (Betrothal & Marriage).



Jan-Mar 1996: Abraham Lincoln And The Jews, More On The Toronto Experience,  Jerusalem 3000, Life Under The Palestinian Authority, Messianic Judaism: A Message For Jews And Gentiles, Welcome To Kazimierz, Pigs In A Blanket, God’s Presence With Us in the Midst Of Problems, Israel’s Peculiar Position, Hebrews In Ancient America, 1996 Petah Tikvah Tour To Israel, Messianic Congregational Directory, The Story Of Eli Cohen, The Biblical Concept Of Love, Introduction To The Talmud (Part 1).


Apr-June 1996: Principles Of Faith (Ani Ma’Amin), God’s Promises Concerning King Messiah, Introduction To The Talmud (Part 2), “Remember The Sabbath, To Keep It Holy”, Report From Our Correspondent In Samaria, The Apostasy Is Now, The Reunion Of Judah & Israel, Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), Life Beyond The Grave, Ancient Idolatry And Modern Licentiousness, “His Blood”, “Honor Your Father And Your Mother”, Missionaries To The World.


Jul-Sep 1996: Anti-Judaism and The Council of Nicea, A Physician Looks at Leviticus 14, The Temple, The Shofar, Tisha Ba’av (Ninth of Av), The Arab Mind, Traveling in the Land of Israel, News Items from the Holy Land, Did G-d Make a Mistake In Designing Women?, Holy Day Prophetic Chart, “At-One-Ment” With God, Quirks in the Quarks, Feedback from our readers, Zechariah’s End-Time Prophecies, Circumcision of Heart.


Oct-Dec 1996: Is Halloween Kosher?, Reverend Twistruth’s Church Without S.P.O.T., When Did They Gather?,  Remedy For Our Sick Economy And Environment, Islam And The Koran, Is There Life On Mars?, The Crusades–A Vale Of Tears, Jaffa: A Biblical History, Anti-Semitism In The Church Councils,  Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts, John Chrysostom–Founder Of The Faith?, When Dinosaurs And Men Walked Together,  Blood: Human And Divine,



 Jan-Mar 1997: So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt?, Why Stress Torah Observance?, Islam and Israel, Petah Tikvah Tour To Israel, Hyssop and Cedar, Frankincense and Myrrh, Introduction to the Talmud (Part 3), Divorce, If My People, Where Are The Six Million?, Speaking From the Heart, Why the Protestant Reformation Failed, The Foremost Commandment Of All, Inspiration, Authority, and Canoniciity,


Apr-June 1997: Israel And The Media, Introduction To The Talmud (Part 4), Prayer In The Life Of A Believer, Wise And Foolish Virgins, How Good Do We Have To Be?, God’s Warning System, Petah Tikvah Tour To Israel, Yeshua In The Tanakh  (Torah Codes), The Resurrection Of Yeshua, The Perfect Sacrifice,  Shavuot – 30 C.E., Middle East Update, Understanding The Bible, Israel Shall Know...The Nations Shall Know, The Hebrew  Matthew.


Jul-Sep 1997: Lost Tribes In India?, The Mysterious “Mr. K”, The Birth Of Yeshua the Messiah, Mount Carmel And Messianic Judaism, The Rebellion Of Korach & Denominational Christianity, The PLO (Excerpt From Philistine), The Sacred Bridge, The Final Week (Part 1), Introduction To The Talmud (Part 5).


Oct-Dec 1997: Principles Of Faith, Shabbat, The Final Week, Fat, Introduction To The Talmud (Part 5), A People Who Dwells Apart, The Peace Accord, Yochanan: Wild Man In The Wilderness, Who Were The Judaizers?, The Witch At Endor, Lessons From Sudetenland, The Messianic Age, Abraham: The Early Years, House Of Israel To Be Blessed.



 Jan-Mar 1998: The Beginning Of Yeshua’s Public Ministry, Introduction To The Talmud (Part 7), Joseph Forerunner Of Messiah, Arafat’s Peace, Haman’s Gallows, Another Look At Purim, The Final Week (Part 3), The Law And The Prophets, Ancient Hebrew Inscription In New Mexico, The Sadducees And The Pharisees, Obsolete Tracts And The     Church’s Decline.


Apr-June 1998: Crypto-Judaism In America, The Spirit Of Babylon, Introduction To The Talmud (Part 8), Touring Israel, The Olive Tree Message, Invitation To Services, So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt, Passover: Traditional & Messianic, The Crucifixion Of Yeshua, An Eye For An Eye, The “Be” Attitudes, The “Ten Lost Tribes”, Oaths And Vows, “Messianic Methodists”, Where Is Your Treasure?


Jul-Sep 1998: The Sign Of Jonah, Introduction To The Talmud (Part 9), Knowledge Applied Is Education Not Wasted, The Cure For Anxiety, The End Of The Law, Judge Not?, Yeshua Tells Us To Pray, The New Jew Or The Old Jew?, Arthritis In The Wilderness,  Messiah’s Prayer, Travels In Israel, Islam And Jerusalem, The Narrow Gate, The Disciples’ Prayer.


Oct-Dec 1998: Yeshua And The Feast Of Sukkot, Introduction To The Talmud (Part 10), Hanukah–The Feast Of Rededicating The Temple, American Presidents And Israel (Part 1), Better Off Dead!, Signs Of The Messiah, Three Sukkas, I Lived To Tell  Of The Nazi Horrors, Disciples And Demons, All You Ever Wanted To Know About Sugar, Will You Force Us To Depend On Miracles?, Palestinian kids: Learning To Hate, Genocide In Africa, Teshuvah (Repentance), Is The Star Of David Kosher?



Jan-Mar 1999: The Calling To Discipleship,   Purim, American Presidents And Israel (Part 2), Future Interview With Netanyahu, The Dictator Of The Lodz Ghetto, Continuing Food Series (Part 2), Yochanan The Immerser, The First Feast Of Israel, Messianic Jewish Conversion: Is It Viable?, Would You Give Away $1.2 Billion For A Lie?,  Knowing The Will Of God, The Semitic New Testament Project.


Apr-June 1999: Ani Ma’Amin (“I Believe”) Principles of Faith, The Last Passover, Rav Shaul, Saint Paul, Or Someone In Between?, The Resurrection of Yeshua, Continuing Food Series, Shavuot: The Birthday of Messianic Judaism, The Hebrew Aleph Bet Table, What Wesley Practiced And Preached About Money, Who Is Guiltiest Of All?, The Early Christian Meal–A Jewish Tradition, Warnings About Aspartame (“Nutrasweet”), The Passing Away of a Righteous Man, Apparent Contradictions In The New Testament, W.W.J.D. What Would Jesus Do Really?, Question Box: The Virgin Birth.


Jul-Sep 1999: The Shofar (Ram’s Horn “Trumpet”), When Talmud Is Right, “At-One-Ment” With God, Year 2000 Petah Tikvah Israel Tour, Teenage Killers And Hell Fire, D’Varim (“Words”), What If?, Continuing Food Series, Yeshua “Tabernacled” Among Us, Yeshua The Maggid, “The Fringe Of His Cloak”,   By Me Kings Reign, Roman Catholic Confessions About Sunday, Have We Learned Anything From The Holocaust?, Findings And Conclusions.


Oct-Dec 1999: The Birth of Yeshua the Messiah, Four Prophetic Reconciliations, The Judgment, Acts 15: The Council at Jerusalem, Or Olam (The Light of the World), Simchat Torah (Joy of the Torah), All Things are Possible, Christian Confessions about Sunday Part 2, Who Do You Say That I Am?, A Voice Calls From the Wilderness, Lashon Hara: The Evil Tongue, Taking Hold of the Fringe of Yeshua, Jupiter Star.



 Jan—March 2000: Anti-Nomianism, Kosher Pig?, The Longest Put-down, Messiah’s Name: Yahshua or Yeshua?, Israel Tour Invitation, Behind the Scenes in Esther, Stop the Nails, “To the Jew First…”, Was Luke a Gentile?, Who is a Jew?..Who is a Gentile?, Voice Calling From the Wilderness, The Tenth Jew, Who Was His Majesty King Hussein?, The ‘Conversion’ of Saul of Tarsus


April—June 2000: “Do This in Remembrance of Me”, An Appeal to Abandon the ‘E’ Word, The Crucifixion (Such Love!), Yeshua’s Worst Enemy, Origins of Kabbalah (Part 1), The Nazarenes, A Black Jew Finds His Messiah, HaRuakh HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit), Torah: Recovering Biblical Perspectives, Interview With Simcha Pearlmutter zt”l, The ‘Peace’ Talks with Syria, A Call for Spiritual Revolution in Israel.


July—Sept 2000: Ani Ma’amin (I Believe), Haym Saloman: An American Patriot, Torah: Mishpatim, Edot, Chulkim; The Constantine Conspiracy, Origins of Kaballah (Part 2), Metatron, Climax of Jewish Destiny, L’Shana Tova!, One Destiny (Part 1), Sabbath Roots: The African Connection, Britain in the Balance, “My Child is Perfect”, Conflict Resolution.


Oct—Dec 2000: Hanukah—The Feast of Re-Dedicating the Temple, The Spirit and Letter of the Law, Choose Life!!, Blessing the Children, One Destiny (Part 2), The Lone Rabbi, Decisions Based Upon Truth, Healing to the Soul, Rabbi Daniel

 Zion: Former Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria, Sukkot: Feast of Tabernacles, Thanksgiving: Yesterday and Today, Caleb the Goy.



Jan—March 2001: “Christ-Killers,” Thy People Shall Be My People, Mother of All Books, The ‘Conversion’ of Saul of Tarsus, Salt & Light, “Christian” Anti-Semitism, The Barak Paradox, China: The Messianic Jewish Connection, One Body—One Faith, Into the Heart—Out of the Heart, Interview with a Christian Arab, In Search of a Man’s Soul, The Separation of Church and Synagogue, What Shall I Do to Inherit Eternal Life?, The Crusades: A Veil of Tears.


April—June 2001: Mothers in the Bible; Gleanings From Ruth; Passover; How is This Night Different?; The Merkabah (Heavenly Chariot); One Destiny (Part 4—The Son of God & The Son of Satan); The Hill of Evil Counsel; Your People Shall be My People (Part 2); Help Wanted!; When Messiah Comes; Judgment in Jerusalem; Myths of the Middle East; Advise for Healthy Living; The Collapse of Evolution; Jonathan Pollard—Life in the American Gulag.


July—Sept 2001: Principles of Faith, Choose Life, Eyeglasses, Enter the Gates, One Destiny (Part 5—The Judeo-Christian Idea), Times of Tribulation, Eternal Capital of the Jews—A Moslem View, Rose By Any Other Name, The Shofar, Biblical Chronology: From Adam to Messiah, Falling Away, The Last Adam, All Roads Lead to Babylon (Part 1).


Oct—Dec 2001: Fanatic Islam Unmasked, Resurrection of the Dead & the Immortality of the Soul, All Roads Lead to Babylon (Part 2), “And You Shall Remain Only Joyful,” The Blessing of Moses, Hebraic Roots New Testament, Making Proselytes Among the Gentiles, What Do We Do With the Past?, Sing a Little Louder, What’s in a Name?, Lost Marrano Jews Return to Israel, Revolution of the Maccabees, Got Shabbos?, Before the Flood.



 Jan—March 2002: Pandemonium in Jerusalem; All Roads Lead to Babylon (Part 3); Petah Tikvah and the Valley of Achor; Jewish Tradition and Its Relationship to Torah; Articles About the Koran and Moslems; Islam: The Final World Power?; The Days to Come Have Just Arrived; The Curse of Jeconiah; Rewinding; Comets, Jews, & Christians.


April—June 2002: Ruth: A Jew By Choice; Kosher Objections; Touring Israel; Allah vs. Adonai; The Noachides; Divorce; All Roads Lead to Babylon (Part 4); Conservative Jews Bring Out New Chumash; The Most Famous Jew of All; Soul Sleep?; The Deceitful Heart; The Taliban: A Lost Tribe of Israel?


July—Sept 2002: Sukkot: The Messianic Era and the World to Come; The Traditional Tsitsit (Ritual Fringes); Left Behind? Why? For How Long?; Yom T’ruah (Feast of Trumpets); Israel: An Example to the Nations; Introduction to the Book of Revelation; What Must Precede the Return of Yeshua?; The Jewishness of the Gospel; Yeshua vs. the Religious Establishment; “Go Ye Therefore and Teach All Nations”; Why Not Investigate?; Neighborhood Bully.


Oct—Dec 2002: Principles of Faith (Ani Ma’amin); The Story of the First Hanukah; Noah: Perfect in His Generations; Locked Up In America; Message to the Congregation at Ephesus; Lech Lecha “Get Thee Out”; The Torah & the Gospel: Bringing Yeshua Home; The Galatian Heresy (A Study in Galatians); The Canary in Europe’s Mine.



Jan—March 2003: Masks of Purim; Mystery of the Messiah; Aliyah—To Go or Not to Go; Abraham Lincoln and the Jews; Asia Pacific Messianic Conference; Angel of the LORD (YHWH); Garments of Salvation; Synagogue of Satan; Why Christianity Needs Judaism; Song of Moses and Song of Deborah.


April—June 2003: Happy Birthday Israel!  Music; Message to the Kehilah in Philadelphia; Our Daily Bread; Traveling in the Land; Shavuot: The Gifts of Torah & the Ruakh; Just Back From the Golden Land; Looking to the Cross? Three Decades of Lies; New Hebrew Bible Edition; An Orthodox Jew Who Loves Yeshua; Anti-Semitism in Historic Christianity; Message to Lukewarm Laodicia.


July—Sept 2003: The Original 9/11 (Tisha B’Av—9th of Av); Anti-Judaism and the Council of Nicea, The Israel Connection—The Blessing and the Curse; Are Gentile Believers Fellow Citizens With or Of?; Torah, the Land, & the People—A Trinity Forever; The Arrest and Trial of Yeshua the Messiah; The Koran Says the Jews Return to Israel; A Vision of Heaven; Rev T: A Glorious Church Without Spot; Like Father, Like Son (Bush Falls From the Tree); Chosen People Status (And Rebuttal); The Seventh Shofar (and the Rapture).


Oct—Dec 2003: Principles of Faith (Ani Ma’amin); Antiochus Epiphanes—Type of the Anti-Messiah; The Big Lie; Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines; Middle East Orwellism; The Last Seven Years; Message to the Congregation in Pergamum; A Stranger in Egypt; Expel Arafat or Try Him Like Eichman?; An Open Letter from an Arab-American Student; The Benefit of Volunteering With Sar-El; Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; Palestinian Women, Girls, Killed for Family ‘Honor’; The Fence.



 Jan—March 2004: Dor L’Dor (Generation to Generation); Cure for a Sick Environment; “Go and Make Talmidim of All Nations;” Tribute to Stasiek Eisenberg (Holocaust Victim); A Genuine Messianic Jewish Identity; Deception of Replacement Theology; The Gypsy Holocaust; We Who Have Fled For Refuge; Message to Sardis; Nobel Prize Winners; Head Coverings on Praying Men; The Use of Our God-Given Talents; Music: A Gateway to the Soul; The Truth About Christians in “Palestine;” Easy-Believism: Is it the Real Gospel?; Message to the Congregation at Thyatira.


April—June 2004: Just say No to Chametz (Leavening); The Torah Festivals; Touring Colombia; Are You a Pillar in God’s Temple”; The Scroll With Seven Seals; Happy Anniversary! (Shavuot); Torah and Roadmaps; Biblical Daddies; What Does God Require of Us?; Using Our Talents For His Glory; A Palestinian Arab in the Israeli Army; The Rebellion of Mankind Against Moses; I am an Oxymoron.


July—Sept 2004: Yom T’ruah, Yosef Shulam, Lost Tribes in the Americas?, Why Jews are Afraid of Jesus, Yom Kippur: At-One-Ment With God, Community Halachah: Harder Than It Looks, From PLO Terrorist to Lover of Zion, The Seventh Seal, Sukkot, The New Covenant: What is it?


Oct—Dec 2004: Where are the Maccabees?, Obedience Beyond Reason, Simchat Torah, The Cross or the Lamp Stand?, National T’shuva, The Two Witnesses, Rethinking a Palestinian State, Thanksgiving: Yesterday and Today, You Work on Sunday?, Be Ye Ready, Battle for Civilization and How to Lose It, Rabbinical Judaism vs Biblical Judaism, Pastor Plummer, Mark Twain’s Comments about “Palestine,” Original Languages of the New Testament.



Jan—March 2005: Has the New Covenant Made the “Old” Covenant Obsolete?, Pigs in a Blanket, Anointing With Oil, Tolerance and Diversity, The 144 Thousand, Intro to Book of Hebrews, Jewish But Not Jews, Mysterious Events in Israel, Islam: A Tool of Domination, Seat of Moses, Proud Israeli Bedouin Questions Jewish Apathy, Mel Brooks on Being a Jew, Things I Don’t Understand, Brigitte Gabriel, Can I Have Anything?


April—June 2005: Principles of Faith, Warnings of God, In the Crosshairs of Judgment, Pesach (Passover), Scalia in Synagogue: State Must Back Religion, The Beast, Ten Commandments Monuments in Supreme Court, Time of Jacob’s Trouble, US Christians Care About Israel, Wrath of the Almighty, Modern Israeli Achievements.


July—Sept 2005: Husbands: Love Your
Wives, Make Disciples, Woman Clothed With The Sun, Royal Jew From Swaziland, Yeshua: Our Cohen HaGadol, Is Allah the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?, Ki Tavo: When You Shall

 Come, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.


Oct—Dec 2005: Blowing the Shofar, Forgotten History of Messianic Judaism, An Uncertain Sound, Before the Flood (and the Origin of Demons), The Rabbi and the Messiah (Rabbi Lichtenstein), The Perfect High Priest, Did God Flip a Coin? (Scientific Support For the Food Laws), The Heavenly Scene, The Bar Mitzvah Celebration, Understanding Replacement Theology—Literally, Islamists Get Out!, Do-Over in the Mideast, Ten Major Events in Israel.



 Jan—March 2006: Sin of Amelek, Abrahamic Covenant Confirmed, Doom of Babylon, President Bush, the Bible, & Israel, HaTikvah–Written by a Messianic Jew, Sanctuary in Time, Aliyah (“Going Up” to Israel), The Two Messiahs in Judaism, Ten Reasons to Love Palestine, Mohammed Vs. Yeshua, Gerim in the Tanakh (O.T.), The Kippah (Head Covering for Men), Perils of Backsliding, Letter of Apology, Christianity Dying in its Birthplace, Five Questions Non-Muslims Would Like Answered, Soul Sleep?


April—June 2006: Prophecies Being Fulfilled Today, The Robes of Yeshua, Gerim (Proselytes) in the Newer Testament, Talking Torah to our Christian Brethren, Visions of Amsterdam, Nightmare or Prophecy, New Definition of Science, Israel—High Tech Superpower, Shavuot (Pentecost): Birthday of Messianic Judaism, Islam at the OK Coral, Melchizadek: Who is He?, Islamic Outrage, Come Out of Her My People.


July—Sept 2006: Principles of Faith, Elul: Month of Preparation, Christians Keeping Old Testament Commandments, Left Behind, Progress in Getting Creation into Schools, To All That Are Far Off, The Bowls of Wrath, Blessing the Children, Is the Star of David Kosher, John Hagee: A Christian Zionist, What Would Mohammed Do, What is the Gospel, Heart of the Problem With Much of the Church, Did Yeshua Make Pigs Clean, Mixture Religion Under the Samaritans, Jewish Nun is an Ambassador for Israel, A Tree, A Giraffe, and the Tongue, Moral Relativism in the Middle East.


Oct – Dec 2006: Depression and the Believer; The Anti-Semitism of Martin Luther; Pallywood; Behold the Virgin, It Will Never Happen; The Old Priesthood and the New Priesthood; Torah, the Heart & Deception; Messiah Returns to set up His Kingdom; Intelligent Design: Is there Evidence?, Facts about Israel and Jerusalem; No Jewish Guilt; Words; Imploring God to Confound Israel’s Enemies.



Jan—March 2007: Shabbat, Islamic Fascism: A Global Threat, Messianic Home Schooling, The Sacrifice of Messiah, My Redeemer Lives!, Messianic Judaism: A Way of Life, How Muslims Think, The Millennium to Come, Survey of Prominent Messianic Jews (Part 1), Spiral Wonder of the Spider Web, Feivel the Chasid, After the Muses Fall Silent, Valley of Achor, Gaza Arab Tells All, Europe, Thy Name is Cowardice, Members of Lost Tribe Return to Israel.


April—June 2007: Passover: Traditional and Messianic, Church on Saturday?, Stalling Over Transitional Forms, Hall of Faith / Hall of Works, Who is a Jew…And Who Isn’t?, God of Jacob / God of Israel, HaRuakh HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit), Quarter Century of Petah Tikvah Magazine, The Tomb of Yeshua?, What Jefferson Learned From the Koran, Tefillin, Touring the Holy Land, The New Jerusalem, Survey of Famous Messianic Jews (Part 2)


July—Sept 2007: Principles of Faith, Haym Salomon: How a Jew Saved America, Night to Honor Israel, Tevilah (Immersion): A Commandment, Revelation: An Epilogue, Why Christians Should Know Torah, Preparing for the Holy Days, The Igbo and the Resiliency of the Jewish Spirit, Rabbi Reveals the Name of the Messiah, What is a Missing Link?, Shechinah – The Feminine Side of God, Rachmiel Frydland – Survivor of the Holocaust


Oct—Dec 2007: For God So Loved the World, Tradition… Or, Is Halloween Kosher, Where are the Maccabees, Europe’s Chastisement, Theory of Evolution and It’s Influence on Anti-Semitism, Torah Friendly Reformation: A Whole new Paradigm, Messianic Jews Lead in Jerusalem Day Parade, Abram: The Soul Winner, Servant Leadership, The Eyes of Creation, The Unchanging Messiah, Introduction to Mifalot HaSh’lichim (Acts of the Apostles).



Jan—March 2008: The Masks of Purim, Zen Judaism, Messianic Testimony from Singapore, Japanese-Jewish Connection, You Gotta Serve Somebody, Hitler’s Theologians, Hebrew Aleph Bet Chart, Messianic Judaism for Dummies, Science Erodes Darwinism, Is the Name ‘Jesus’ Pagan?, Who Needs Israel Anyway?, Irena Sandler’s Children, Cartoon Lesson From Adam and Chava, Nazis in Israel, Israel’s Demographic Threat, Did God Bring the Wrong People Back to Israel?


April—June 2008: Can These Bones Live?, Testimony of Rabbi Hylan Slobodkin, Shavuot (Pentecost) in 30 CE, The Judaism of Rav Shaul (Apostle Paul), Moshe’s Health Regulations, When Talmud is Right, Apparent Contradictions in the Newer Testament, History of Jews and Blacks Speaking to Each Other, A Tribute to Mothers, Space Travel: Shields Up!, When Did the Church Begin?, A Messianic Jewish Commentary on the Book of Revelation, Two Traditions With the Same Lord, Jonathan Pollard: Traitor or Hero?, Happy 60th Birthday to Israel!, It’s Wrong to Compare Palestinian Suffering to Black Suffering.


July—Sept 2008. Hurva Synagogue to be Rebuilt, Tisha B’Av (Fast for the 9th of Av), Balaam: The Prophet Greedy for Profit, Finding Yeshua in Singapore, Fallout From a Miracle, Black Rabbi Reaches Out to Jewish Mainstream, ‘Expelled’ Finds an Audience, The Shofar, One Body / One Faith, Third Class Tickets Still Available, A Shabbos Story, Yeshua and the Rebbe, True Faith: Rabbi Yehiel Tvzi Lichtenstein, Bush Turns Visionary, The Unlikely Evangelist, Israel Facts, Yahshua, Jesus, or Yeshua?


Oct—Dec 2008: Principles of Faith, The Good Shepherd, Follow the Evidence: Evolution or Creation?, The Angel of the Lord (YHWH), Catholic Confessions about Sunday, Simchat Torah (Joy of the Torah), Beresheet (‘In the Beginning’), Sukkot: A Sign of Things to Come, The Resurrection of Polish Jewry, ‘The Blood of Messiah Redeems,’ The Girl With an Apple, Is He Lord of Your Calendar?, Memorable Night Among Israel’s Defenders.



 Jan—March 2009: Rav Shaul, St. Paul, or Someone in Between?; Holiness; Dissension in the Kehilah (Acts 6); Question & Answer (Trinity); Imprisonment and Release (Acts 5); Protestant Confessions About Sunday; Messianic Judaism: A Message for Jews and Gentiles; Those Who Handle the Law; God’s Threshing Floor; Forgotten Black-Jewish Alliance; LBJ and the Jews; Computer Secrets of the Torah; Visual Aid for Understanding Paul.


April—June 2009: Bewhiskered Believer Bewildered by Beard-Hating Brethren; Martyrdom of Stephen (Acts 7); Resurrection of Yeshua; Rabbi W.A. Matthew (Black Jews of Harlem); Is Marriage Unnecessary?; How the British Fought Terror; Did the ‘Church’ Begin at Pentecost?; The Galatian Heresy; The Six-Day War of 1967; Matzah; Myth of Petroleum as a Fossil; Does America Always Help Israel?


July—Sept 2009: The Divine Appointments; A Black Jew Finds His Messiah; Rosh HaShanah; Why Time Magazine is Right.. and wrong; Sefer Chaim (The Book of Life); What If Jesus Had Wanted a Mega-Church?; Sha’ul: Persecutor of Messianic Jews; The “Conversion” of Sha’ul; Anti-Semitism in the Name of Jesus.


Oct—Dec 2009: Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts; Pigs in a Blanket; Keeping the Sabbath and Keeping Your Job; The Birth of Yeshua the Messiah; Do You Really Want to Embrace This Theory?; Entertaining Angels Unawares; Joseph and Yeshua; The State of the Dead; Arabs of Jewish Descent in Israel; Kristalnacht (The Night of Broken Glass); With Peace He Will Destroy Many; An Overdue Thank You to the Philippines.



Jan—March 2010: Purim Thoughts; A True Tale of Love Destroying Hate; Behind the Scenes in Esther; The First Christians (Acts 11); Kaifeng Jews: A History; Arrest and Deliverance of Shimon Kefa (Acts 12); True Contentment; The Most Famous Jew of All; The Traditional Tsitsit; A teach with Faith and Reason (Isaac Newton); The Lone Rabbi; Moses; The Triumph of Ami Ortiz; Forgotten Refugees: Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands.


April—June 2010: Principles of Faith; Ruth: A Jew by Choice; The Serpent, the Church, and the Sabbath; Tzara’at; Memo to Ahmadinajad: ISRAEL LIVES; Mothers in the Bible; The First Messianic Jewish Mission Team (Acts 13); Olive Schriener: The Amazing Jews; ISRAEL: A Light to the Nations; The Ibos: Members of the Tribe?; Muslim Leader Calls For Jews to Rebuild Temple; Muslims Who Support Israel; The Messianic Faith Continues to Grow (Acts 14); The Islam Tax; First “Hidden Jew” to Serve in Spain; Shavuot: The Gifts of Torah & the Ruakh.


July—Sept 2010: Sukkot (“Booths”); The Yiddish are Coming; Council at Jerusalem (Acts 15); Letters From Our Father; “At-One-Ment” with God; Arab Refugees: The Real Story; Tisha b’Av and Israeli Sovereignty on the Temple Mount; The Messianic Faith Spreads in Europe; Torah, The Heart, & Deception; Homeland Security Calls Good Evil; Worldwide Trends in “Honor” Killings; Message of Warning From Wilders.


Oct—Dec 2010: Hanukah: The Feast of Re-Dedicating the Temple; Syncretism: A Blending of Paganism & Truth; Before the Flood… And the Nephilim; Beit El: The House of God; Touring Greece With Rav Sha’ul (Acts 17); Christian Zionists, Past & Present; Thanksgiving: Yesterday & Today; The Faith of Abraham; Properly Understanding Paul; Testimony of a Child Holocaust Survivor; Yoseph Robinson: From Criminal to Observant Jew; Ground Zero Mosque; Converts to Terror; Holocaust Survivor’s View on Islam; Turkey in Cyprus vs Israel in Gaza; Why Obama is Opposed to Israel.



Jan—March 2011: Purim: Feast of Esther; Rosh Chodesh (New Moon); Gimel the Camel; Rav Sha’ul in Corinth (Acts 18); Concert of Fellowship in Colombia; Ancient Ten Commandments Inscription at Los Lunas, NM; Rav Sha’ul in Ephesus (Acts 19); We Owe the Jews; The Old Paths; Joshua & His Gentile Bride; S’mikha (Ordination); Jesus is a Jew!; Anti-Zionism Equals Anti-Semitism; Muslim Inbreeding; Jihadi Nitwitz; Israel: An Asset to the USA; The Abayudaya of Uganda; Are Factory Farms Kosher?; Wall Between Church, State; Dangers Follow Rav Sha’ul (Acts 20); Muslim Genocide Against Christians in the Middle East; Religion of Outrage; Why Israel Wasn’t Blessed With an Abundance of Oil; Don’t Blame Israel for Arab Woes.


April—June 2011: The Hebrew Matthew; Kingdom Lifestyle; The Clean and Unclean; Dalet: Door of Hope; Sha’ul Travels to Jerusalem (Acts 21); Principles of Faith (Ani Ma’amin); Israel’s Birthday: Prophecies Being fulfilled Today; Valley of Achor & Petah Tikvah; What Shall I do to Inherit Eternal Life; Anti-Semitic Skinheads Discover Judaism; Rapper Finds Order in Judaism; As in the Days of Noah; From the Heart of a Muslim: Change is Needed; Who ‘Hijacked’ Islam?; Passover: Traditional & Messianic.


July—Sept 2011: Tisha B’Av: The Original 9/11; Rav Sha’ul’s Defense Before His Jewish Countrymen; The Birth of Yeshua the Messiah; Hey; Va’Etchanan – And I Pleaded; Wimps or Warriors?; The Crusades – A Vale of Tears; Wars, Famines, & Earthquakes; Paul the Pharisee; What if the Arabs Had Recognized Israel in 1948?; From Islamic Militant to Orthodox Rabbi; The Islamic Fantasy – Zionist Jihad; Thoughts on the Palestinians & Jews; Appreciation for Evangelicals; Bin Laden’s One Mistake; Stephen Harper – Most Pro-Israel Prime Minister Ever.


Oct—Dec 2011: Abraham: Father of a Multitude; The Vav Connection; The Pre-Adamic World; Jonathan Pollard: Hero or Traitor?; The Ultimate Ally; Pursuit of Happiness; Events Surrounding the Birth of Yeshua; Is Christmas Good for Jews?; Mixture Religion; Messianic Congregations in the Asia Pacific; Sukkot; The Death & Burial of Sarah; China: the Messianic Jewish Connection; A Glorious Church Without S.P.O.T.; Kristallnacht; Young Israeli Soldiers; Not Stealing Palestine, but Purchasing Israel; Scottish Professor Responds to Boycott of Israel.


Jan—March 2012: Yochanan: Wild Man in the Wilderness; PURIM; Kiss the Son; Defense of Sha'ul Before Felix; What Was Nailed to the Cross in Colossians 2:14?; Who Does Torah Belong to?; Messiah's Hebrew Name: Yeshua or Yahshua?; How Evolution Destroys Morality; Open Letter to American Jews; Surrounded by Christians Who Love Israel; Israeli Pro-Life Group Helps Women Cope; There Will Be No Palestinian State; Righteous Gentile: Aristides de Sousa Mendez; The Threat of Muslim Radicalism in U.S. Prisons; ZAYIN; Sharia Encroachment in American Courts; Beware of Dr. Jihad; Islamists Project Islam's Worst Traits Upon Christians; Rabbis Who Thought For Themselves; Raped & Ransacked in the Muslim World; Palestinian Refugees.


April—June 2012: SHABBAT; Tsara'at; Remembering Six Days in 1967; Rav Sha'ul Before Festus; The State of Israel; Shavuot: The Birthday of Messianic Judaism; Winding Down: The Reality of Deterioration; The Beginning of Yeshua's Public Ministry; The Deity of Messiah in the Tenach & in Other Jewish Writings; Settler Rabbi: Christians are Our Friends; From Anti-Semite to Zionist; CHET: The Fence; Refusing to Kill Their Gang-Raped Child; Apartheid in the Arab World; Reclaiming Historical Truth; Yes, Genocide is an American Concern.


July—Sept 2012: "Ehr Kunt" (He's Coming)!; Principles of Faith - Ani Ma'amin (I Believe); Yom T'ruah (Day of Sounding [the Shofar]); Great Rabbis Who Believed in Yeshua (part 1); Matthew 5:17-20; Story of Irving Roth; Tevilah (Immersion); Rav Sha'ul before King Agrippa; Elul; The 'Get' (Certificate of Divorce); Thoughts about the Commandments; Islamic Rages Aimed at Enslaving the West; Desmond Tutu's Two-Faced Passover; The Gay Agenda and the Deadening of Mind and Choice; Echoes of '67: Israel Unites; Holman Family in Israel; What Has Evolution Given to the World? Letters From Our Fathers: TET; Israelis Turn Holy Land Into Economic Miracle; Ten Reasons to Love Palestine.


Oct—Dec 2012: Woe to Them Who Call Evil Good; Interview with Rabbi Dillon; Books of Maccabees; Great Rabbis Who Believed in Yeshua (part 2); Putting a Hedge around the Law; God is Pro-Choice; Letters From Our Father - YOD; Legends about Abraham; Rav Sha'ul Arrives at Rome; Erusim & Nisu'in (Betrothal & Marriage); Jewish Nobel Prize Winners; Why Christians Are Disappearing in the Middle East; President Obama: Another View; Messianic Perspective on the Palestinians; Tensions Boil as Israeli Riches Grow.



Jan—March 2013: So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt; Great Rabbis Who Believed in Yeshua (Part 3); Rav Sha'ul is Sent to Rome; Deity of Yeshua From a New Testament Perspective; Vows and Oaths; Apparent Contradictions in the Newer Testament; Theory of Evolution and Its Effect on Modern Racism; Passover Lesson: Invisible War; Chief Rabbi Lau Meets Kareem Abdul-Jabbari; Famous Code in Megilat Esther; Kosher Jesus; Israeli Balladeer Admires Yeshua; Genetic Pintele Yid in Iberia; What Really Motivates Christian Zionists?; We Need to Chill Out About Obama; Letters from Our Father: KAF; Messianic Village in Spotlight; Abraham Lincoln and the Jews; Palestinian Stands for Israel; Rape and Murder of Pakistan's Christian Children; Italy Voted for the New Nazis; The Journey: A Personal Testimony; Why Israel Holds a Special Place in My Heart; Islamic Terror and the American Story.


April—June 2013: Lashon HaRa: The Evil Tongue; The Mark of YHWH's Faithful Remnant; The "Commonwealth" of Israel?; The Goldilocks Planet; Adultery and Divorce; For God So Loved the World That He Gave Us the Torah; The Unique Bearer of Monotheism; Love Your Enemies?; Jews: Take Your Place; Why Israel Will Rule the New Middle East; Facts About Israel; The Unbearable Silence About the Jewish Refugees; Did Yeshua Make Pigs Clean?; Letters From Our Father: Lamed; Is the Star of David Kosher?; Choose Life; Christian Arabs - Ancient Communities Modern Day Exodus; Muslim, Zionist, and Proud; New Holocaust Discoveries; Onward Christian Zionists: Fast Growing Israel Support Group; Jerusalem Day: What Happened 46 years ago?; Israel and the USA: Is Israel a Burden or an Asset?; Will Islam Dominate the World?; Ex-Muslims Face Persecution; Return of the Chinese Jews.


July—Sept 2013: Ani Ma'amin (I believe) Principles of Faith); Deity of Messiah in the Tanach and Other Jewish Writings; Simchat Torah; Ain't No Good Mutations Here; HaSatan - The Adversary; Traditional Marriage; Moshe's Health Regulations; Why Christian Zionists Really Support Israel; Instructions From the Master for Charity and Prayer; Messiah's Prayer; To Bris or Not to Bris; Mem: Letters from our Father; FDR Used IRS Against Jewish Activists; Insanity: Trying a 2-State Solution Again and Again; Rabbi Kaduri: The Note and the Messiah; Waiting for the Train; Mass Exodus of Christians From the Arab World.


Oct—Dec 2013: Antiochus Epiphanies: Type of Anti-Messiah; Mark Twain in Palestine; Fasting, Mammon, and Anxiety (Mat. 6); Abraham: A Man of Hospitality; Who is a Jew... And who isn't?; Martin Chernoff: The Father of Modern Messianic Judaism; Sabbath Roots: The African Connection; Q & A: Galatians 3:23-25; What was the sin of Ham?; Was Columbus a Secret Jew?; Melchizadek: Who is he?; Would Jesus Celebrate Christmas?; Palestinian State in Jordan 'Inevitable'; Damascus in Prophecy; Letters From Our Father: Nun; Spiritual Oasis in Spokane; Failure of the American Left; Syrian Women Tell of Horrific Rapes; When Family Ties Lead to Hitler; Arabs Have Black Slaves Today; There are Two Seas... Defining Good & Evil.



Jan—March 2014: Tu Bishvat: New Year for Trees; Yom Sylvester: January 1 in Israel; Conclusion of Sermon on the Mount (Mat. 7); Sholem Asch and the Jewish Jesus; Humane Treatment of Animals; Eyeglasses; Supernatural Victories Against the Enemies of Israel; Ephraim: Infected With the Spirit of Whoredoms; What Cohabitation Does For Marriage; Has the New Covenant Made the "Old" Covenant Obsolete?; Yeshua the Healer (Mat. 8); History's Dark Chapter Retold; Letters from Our Father: Samech; Former Anti-Semitic Politician is Now a Religious Jew; Muslim Encroachment Threatens Christians; National Prison Populations; Israeli Soldier to American Jews: Wake Up!; Pastor Preaches Partnership Between Blacks and Jews.


April—June 2014: The First Passover; Counting the Omer; The Seventh Day Sabbath: How Important is it, Really?; A Tale of Ten Sons; The Gospels of Yeshua; Rav Shaul, St. Paul, or Someone in Between?; Erusin & Nisu'in (Betrothal & Marriage); Can These Bones Live?; Shavuot - 30 C.E. Acts ch. 2; The Name of God; Top 10 Non-Jews Positively Influencing the Jewish Future.


July—Sept 2014: The Calling to Discipleship; 1400 Years of Inbreeding; The Jew; How to Plant Torah Communities; The Miracle of the Jewish People; Revisions of the So-Called 1611 King James Version; Husbands, Love Your Wives; Tisha B'Av (9th of Av); The 7th Shofar & the 'Rapture' of the Saints; Tragic History With a Happy Ending; Final Thoughts on Strictness; Letters from our Father (Pey); Good News About Israel's Future; Evolution Did It; Christian Europe Adopts Fascism - the Arab Kind; Jesus is a Muslim?; Palestinian Girl Confronts Anti-Israel Lies; Vladimir Putin Caesar; Israelis Speak Out for Religious Freedom on Temple Mount.


Oct—Dec 2014: Messianic Judaism: What is it?; Yochanan the Immerser; Shepherds in Search of Lost Sheep; Sarah: A Princess Among Women; Neighborhood Bully; The Gap Theory; T'was the Night Before Yeshua Came; Does Christmas Really Honor Yeshua?; "Come Unto Me"; Azazel, Isaiah 53, and the Messiah; Remembering Jackie Robinson's Fight Against Anti-Semitism; Letters From Our Father: Tsadee; A Fatal Blind Spot For Sheer Evil; A Warning to the West From Geert Wilders; Muslims Sexually Enslaving Children: A Global Problem; Judaizer; Muslim IDF Soldiers: 'Israel is Not Apartheid'; It's Anti-Semitism, Stupid!



Jan—March 2015: The Unlikely Evangelist; My Problem With Dogmatic Evolutionists; Jacob's Wives, Sons, and Daughters; The Masks of Purim; Quotes About Jesus From Famous Jewish Men; Yeshua's Halachah on Shabbat (Mt. 12); Ayelet Shaked: Free Pollard; The Note That Shook the World; Signs and Wonders (Mt. 12); Is Jesus Everything?; Letters From Our Father: KOF; Deception in the Media; Female Genital Mutilation: A Creeping Crime.


April—June 2015: The Ghost of Marcion; The Galatian Heresy; Similarities Between Yitzchak & Yeshua; Yeshua, the Maggid; Pro-Israel Evangelism; A Beheading, A Feeding, & Walking on the Water (Mat. 14); The Reason Bibi Came to Washington; From His Tail to His Snout; European Life Died in Auschwitz; Muslim Immigration Poses Threat to National Security; Islamist Infiltration; Israel Has Overcome Many Disputes With USA since 1948; Letters From Our Father: Resh; The Elephant in the Christian Persecution Room; Against the Jews; Understanding the Holocaust is Understanding Israel.


July—Sept 2015: Three Sukkahs; Yozel's Hasid; Depression & the Believer; The Lasting Influence of Gerhard Kittel: Nazi Theologian; Balaam: The Prophet Greedy for Profit; Kosher Pig?; Sharing Messiah in Ethiopia; A Hidden Hero: Haym Salomon; Sefer Chaim: The Book of Life; The Abuse of Jewish Prisoners; Palestinians Hold the Key to a Better Future; Hedy Lamarr: Actress & War Hero; Meet the Makuya: Israel's Unwavering Supporters; Walmart Adopts Humane Principles for Farm Animals; Greek Orthodox Bishop Supports Israel; Orde Wingate: A Stone Like No Other; The Kids Are Kol B'Seder; Iran 2015: Germany 1938; Israeli Cannabis.


Oct—Dec 2015: Simchat Torah: Rejoicing of the Law; Good Doctrine; Who Do You Say That I am?; New Covenant: Blueprint for a Messianic Lifestyle; All Things Are Possible; Forgotten History of Messianic Judaism; Computer Secrets of the Torah; Thousands of Christians Voice Support for Israel in Jerusalem; Blood Moons; Letters From Our Father: Tav; It's Jewish; Kerry: Iran's "Death to America" Doesn't Mean They Want to Kill us; In the Shadow of the Swastika; Homosexual Israelis: Yes, Messianic Israelis: No; 1938 & 2015: Only the Names Are Different; Jihadis Display 'Power of Islam' on Animals; Reverend Twistruth: A Church Without S.P.O.T.



Jan—March 2016: Happy Sylvester?; Children in the Kingdom of God; "If... Then..."; The Lone Rabbi; "For God so Loved the World - that He Had a Warm Fuzzy Feeling"; Best Kept Secret of Abraham Lincoln; Messiah: Co-Creator of the Universe; Rabbi Daniel Zion: Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria During World War II; B'rit Milah: Covenant of Circumcision; The Great Commission; Letter to the World From Jerusalem; Obama's Religious Test for Compassion: Muslims Over Christians; Release of Jonathan Pollard; For the Sake of Community; A German's View on Islam; Pope Francis: "Why Didn't the Allies Bomb Auschwitz?"; Singapore: Where There is Chinese Food, You Will Find Jews; Rape 'Misunderstanding' Comes to Europe.


April—June 2016: Principles of Faith (Ani Ma'amin); SHAVUOT: The Gifts of Torah & the Ruakh; Army Rabbi at Buchenwald: "You Are Free!"; In the Shadow of Auschwitz; A Tribute to Moms and Dads; How Yeshua Became Yeshu; HaRuakh HaKodesh - The Holy Spirit; Commentary on Matthew 18; The Spirit of Babylon; The Olive Tree (Romans 11); Moe Berg: Baseball Player, War Hero, & Spy; Polish Church Calls for Return to Jewish Roots; The Negotiations of the Damned: The SS St. Louis Sails Again; The Tallit (Prayer Shawl); Jewish Festival in Town Without Jews; What Americans Had to Say About Jewish War Refugees.


July—Sept 2016: Gog & Magog: End-Time Battles Over Israel; I Now Pronounce You Man and Cow; Immigrants & Immigration; What Shall I Do That I May Inherit Eternal Life? (Mat. 19); The Nazarenes; Divorce (Mat. 19); Don't Shack Up - Shape Up!; Tevilah (Immersion); A Living Sacrifice; The Time of Jacob's Trouble; Churches Under a Curse; Getting Old; Islamic Behavior Related to Population Size; The
Real Reasons Why There is No Peace; Obama Falsely Blames Israel's Prosperity for Lack of Peace.


Oct—Dec 2016: "At-one-ment" With God; Angel of the Lord (YHWH); The Maccabees: Prevailing Over Hellenism; Yesha'yahu (Isaiah) 53; In America: A Growing Minority Within a Minority; Laborers in the Vineyar (Mat. 20); Do Jews Celebrate Thanksgiving?; Shabbat Shuvah; The Sign of Jonah; Jewish Testimony and How It Serves to Authenticate the Newer Testament; What is Truth?; Israel's First Modern-Day General; What is Hijrah?; Islamophobia



Jan—March 2017: Pigs in a Blanket (or, The Jewish Messiah Comes to the Gentiles); A Time for Wheat, and a Time for Tares; From Church Liturgy to Synagogue Liturgy; The Triumphal Entry (Mat. 21); Orthodox Rabbis Bring Jesus Home; A Bride for Isaac; "Purim Fest, 1946"; The Times of the Gentiles Come to an End; In Honor of Jewish Refugees From Arab Lands; The Creations of Adonai; The Spirit of Anti-Christ; My First Minyan; Reverend Twistruth: Ceremonial Loopholes; Transgenderism and Other Genderisms; 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation: Perfect Time for Protestants to Apologize for Luther's Anti-Semitism; UN Denies Jewish Connection to Temple Mount and Western Wall; Neighborhood Bully.


April—June 2017: Parable of the Wedding Feast (Mat. 22); Passover 1943; Shavuot: The Giving of the Law and the Spirit; Bewhiskered Believer Bewildered by Beard-Hating Brethren; Passover: Traditional and Messianic; Fathers Matter; Reading Through the Torah; Passover Proof Lies in Egyptian Hieroglyphs; Fake News; Neglecting the Commandments of God and Holding to the Traditions of Men Instead; Understanding Replacement Theology Literally; The Six-Day War's Unresolved Legacy; Remembering Jackie Robinson's Fight Against Anti-Semitism; Jews and Native Americans; The Evolving Threat of Jihad in the West.


July—Sept 2017: Principles of Faith (Ani Ma'amim); A Tree, A Giraffe, and the Tongue; Putting Away Childish Things; Yeshua vs. the Religious Establishment (Mat. 23); The Akeidah (Binding of Isaac); Seven Guidelines to Understanding Paul's Letters; Tisha B'Av (9th of Av); Kabbala's Best Kept Secret; Times of Tribulation (Mat. 24:1-14); Islamoterror is the Problem, Not Islamophobia; Terror: The Consequence of Apathy; The Accumulation of Vibrations; The Loss of Hagia Sophia; Who Owns Jerusalem? (It's not who you'd think); Persecuted Christians Suffer Worst Year Yet, Mostly Under Islam.


Oct—Dec 2017: Avram & Sarai: The First Olim; Jesus was a Palestinian? Really?; When Pilgrims Declared War on Christmas; Martin Luther and His Lies; What Were the Original Languages of the New Testament Scriptures?; October 31 and December 25; Chanukah and George Washington; The Maccabees: Champions for Torah; Finding Yeshua in the Feast of Tabernacles; The Last Parables of Yeshua (Mat. 25); Torah is for All Believers; Perilous Times (Mat. 24); Was Christopher Columbus a Marrano Jew?; Christians and the Balfour Declaration; B'nei Anousim Usher in New Era for Israel; Eva Abrams: Holocaust Survivor; Why You Should Stand With Israel; Mohammed and Islam's Sex Slaves; How to Destroy the Arab Christian Communities: Create a Palestinian State; Saudi Jihadist Campaign in American Prisons; Remembering the SS Exodus: The Ship That Launched a Nation; World's Oldest Man Dies in Israel; These Christian Zionists are Our Friends.



Jan—March 2018: Rebuilding the Beit HaMikdash (Temple); The Anti-Messiah (Anti-Christ); The Last Supper: Passover or a Pre-Passover Meal?; Was Caleb a Goy?; Jews Speak up  for Christians; The Glorious Return of Messiah Yeshua; The Abraham Kind of Faith; Rabbi Jamie Cowen; Joseph & Yeshua; Jerusalem Was Never Holy to Muslims; Jerusalem, 1917 as Foretold in the Bible; Modern Biblical Jews; BDS, Academic Freedom, & Anti-Semitism; In Prison, But Not Alone Anymore; The Rabbi Saves His People; The Eyes of Creation; Against Faux-Feminists Who Deny Rights to Muslim Women; UN Stunned as PLO's Lies are Exposed by Former Hamas Leader; ZOA Op-Ed About Anti-Semitism; Some Final Thoughts.


April—June 2018: SHAVUOT: Birthday of Messianic Judaism; A Time to Heal; The Final Week; Why the World Hates the Jews; We Need Our Fathers; Israel: Six Days, Six Miracles; Catholic Confessions About Sunday; Understanding Israel's Enemies; Servant Leadership; Jerusalem is Not Islam's 3rd Holiest Site; What if Jesus Had Been Trained in a Seminary; A Catholic View of Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem; Palestinians; Keeping Innocent People Behind Bars; Democratic Support for Israel is Dropping; Racism of Human Rights Organizations; Muslim Violence, But No Christian Violence in the Middle East; Fascism and Communism.


July—Sept 2018: Levels of Inspiration; Protestant Confessions About Sunday; Understanding & Interpreting the Holy Scriptures; Betrayal & Arrest of Yeshua; The Shofar; Tisha B'Av: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly; Jews Can Learn From Evangelical Love For Israel; The Resurrection of the Messiah; Ki Tavo: When You Enter; Language & Linguistics; God's Greatest Sign to This Generation; Uganda's Jews Open Synagogue; Israel is Splitting Europe; Jews Who Fought Nazis Recall Struggle; The First Amendment: The Most Important Amendment; Famous Jews in Entertainment. 


Oct—Dec 2018: The End of the Law?; The Trial and Crucifixion of Yeshua; Acts 15: The Council at Jerusalem; Tevilah (Ritual Immersion); A Literal Vs. a Non-Literal Approach: Understanding Messianic and End-Time Prophecy; The Revolution of the Maccabees; Chanukah Candle-Lighting Blessings; The Resurrection of Yeshua; Biblical Characters Who Appear to be Someone Else; Jordan is Palestine; Jeru-salem: God's Time Clock;  Mr. President: The Palestinians Already Got 'Their Turn'; Charles Martel: Where are You to Fight Today's Extremists?


Jan—March 2019: Principles of Faith; Is the Cross

 a Kosher Symbol?; The Death & Burial of Sarah; Joseph: Forerunner of Messiah; The Resurrection of Yeshua: Part 2; Acts 20:7; Lech L'Cha: Go for Yourself; The Blessing and the Curse of Independent Thinking; The Great Commission; Baruch Haba B'Shem Adonai; "I Will Bless Those Who Bless You"; Is Jesus a Rabbi?; Letting the Devil Redefine Words and Symbols; HaTikvah: Composed by a Messianic Jew; Trump and the Jews: It's Good for America to be Connected With Israel.


April—June 2019: Exodus 12: Instructions for Passover; The Great Miracles of Exodus; The Creation of Man (and Woman!); Be Mindful of B'Midbar; The Journey; Is the Name "Jesus" Pagan?; The Temple Tax and Yeshua's Teenage Disciples; What is Heresy?; The Origin of Easter; Prairie Fire Judaism; Jews on the Moon; Some Jewish Calendar Rules; Our Hope: The First Messianic Jewish Periodical.


July—Sept 2019: Moshe's Health Regulations; The Ten 'Lost' Tribes; Is Zionism Kosher?; Sanhedrin's Noachide Court: Messiah Will be Revealed When the Nations Keep Shabbat; Theory of Evolution and It's Influence on 'Modern' Anti-Semitism; The Torah, the Heart, and Deception; Yom T'ruah; A Jew and a Christian: How Together They Changed History; The Oldest Known Carving of the Ten Commandments; "He Made Me Do It"; Is There Any Evidence That We Have Evolved?; Untold Story of Christian War Hero Who Saved Jewish GIs from Nazi Death Camps; We Need Another Reagan Plan for Israel; Obama Took Lying to New Heights With Iran Deal; The Subbotniks Who Helped Israel Come Into Being; Harping on the Sabbath.


Oct – Dec 2019: Joshua: The Faithful Leader; When Talmud is Right; The Messianic Era: The 7th Millennium; Simchat Torah: The Final Fall Celebration; Yom Kippur: “At-One-Ment” with God; Will the Real Jesus Please Stand?; The Good Shepherd and Chanukah; The Jew That Was; Tragic Fight Over a Zionist Leader’s Resting Place; No… The UN Did Not Create Israel; Defending Israel; Gerhardt Riegner’s Attempt to Warn the World of Genocide; Muslim Woman Tells Jews: Your Messiah Changed My Heart.


Jan – March 2020: Abram the Soul Winner; Ancient Hebrew Explorers in the Americas part 1; Jewish Commentators on the Torah; The Serpent, the Church, and the Sabbath; The Power of God’s Word; Tombs of Esther and Mordechai Still in Iran; Haman’s Gallows; Babylon the Great Revealed; The Eastern Gate; Naso; Aid to Israel Keeps USA Safer; Acknowledging the Truth About the West Bank; Anti-Semitic Indoctrination of Palestinian Children; Pakistani Dreams of Israel; Jewish Survival: True Story of the Holocaust; Kedoshim; Global Pandemic of Jew Hatred.


April – June 2020: Words of God vs Words of Men; Syncretism: Blending of Paganism and Truth; Can These Bones Live?; Messianic Jews Burned at the Stake; On Becoming Unassimilated; Saga of Ancient Hebrew Explorers part 2; The Last Passover; Was Jesus a Christian?; Who Can Curse What God Has Blessed?; What was the Sin of Ham?; Decline of Early Messianic Judaism and Rise of Christianity; The Battle for Hebrew; God’s Treasures Locked Up Behind Bars and Razor Wire; Who Hijacked the Democratic Party?; The Truth About Palestinian Refugees; They Ain’t Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore; Joshua the Jew and His Gentile Bride; Revolutionary Recycling: Turning Trash into Treasure; Jesus was not a Palestinian: He was a Mizrachi Jew.


July–Sept 2020: Ani Ma’amin (I Believe): B’Midbar (In the Wilderness); OCD and Autistic Traits in the Godhead; Salvation is of the Jews; God so Loved the World that He Gave us the Torah in Egyptian; Baseball University; The Greatest Event of the 20th Century; Abraham: A Man of Hospitality; Don’t be Numb to Numbers; The 7th Shofar and the Rapture of the Saints; George Floyd’s Murder Does Not Justify Anti-Semitism; Election Will Test Jewish Democrats Commitment to Israel; Persecutions Against Jews During the Black Plague; Healing the Church and Synagogue; Israel is the 14th Happiest Country in the World; Harry Truman Changed Jewish History; Fathers of Modern Science Discovered Hebrew Roots of Faith; I’m Palestinian and Jewish, and I Don’t Choose Sides.


Oct—Dec 2020: Messianic Judaism: What is it?; Simchat Torah; Just Enough Hebrew to be Dangerous; Is Chanukah the Jewish Christmas?; The Ruach HaKodesh; The Rebellion of Korach & Dispensational Christianity; Where are the Maccabees?; Messianic End Times From Jewish Perspectives; Thanksgiving: Yesterday and Today; America Doesn’t Need a New Revolution; Trump’s Vision for the Middle East; “White Women Deserve to be Raped” per Radical Islam. Female War Criminals; Israeli Innovation Contributes to the World; Israel-UAE Pact Shatters Myths About Peace with Palestinians; The Aaronic Benediction; A Jewish-Arab Peace Experience; Palestinian Appropriation of Black Pain; The Pact of Umar; The Anti-Semitism of Martin Luther.


Jan—March 2021: Apparent Contradictions in the Newer Testament; The Most Famous Jew of All; The “Get” (Certificate of Divorce); Holy Convocation: A Divine Imperative; An Orthodox Jewish Scholar Accepts Yeshua’s Resurrection; The Suffering Messiah of Judaism; Keep Your Hands Off Our Dirty Jews; Jesus is Jewish; The Elephant in the Room; Christians Keeping Old Testament Commandments; Black Cantors From 100 Years Ago Rediscovered; Introducing Muslim Zionism; Challenges for Israel Under Biden; Taking Hold of the Fringe of Yeshua; Black Soldiers Who Took in Jewish Holocaust Survivors; FDR and the Nazis; The Jew.


April—June 2021: Depression and the Believer; Tongues; Questions and Answers about the Sabbath; Whatever Happened to the Ark of the Covenant?; The Bloody Battle to Liberate the Word of God; “Behold, the Virgin…”, The Return of the King; Origins of Kabbalah; Forgotten History of Messianic Judaism; “Where’s the Storm?” (Inauguration Leaves QAnon Reeling); Rehabilitative Discipleship in the IDF; The Machal Story; Racial Equality: A Jewish Legacy; Truth is Not a Political Position; For Pro-Israel Advocates, It’s Time to be Offensive; Kazim HaFeez: A Miraculous Transformation.


July—Sept 2021: The Ghost of Marcion (Part 1); Devarim; Rev Twistruth and Christian Paganism; Sukkot; Introduction to the Book of Hebrews; Judaism and Animal Rights; The Fringe of His Cloak; Nachmonides’ Commentary on Deut. 30:6; Abraham: A Man of Hospitality; Tisha B’Av (9th of Av); Israel: A Safe Place; The Church History They Don’t Teach You; In Memory of Joseph Oster; The Scribes and Pharisees Sit in Moses’ Seat; The Dreadful Consequences of Touching the Apple of God’s Eye; The Case for Israel.


Oct—Dec 2021: The Maccabees: Champions for Torah; Early Earth Enigmas, Part 1; The Warnings of God (Hebrews 2); The Ghost of Marcion, Part 2); How to Tell the Real Jesus from the Fake Jesus; The Lunar Sabbath Fallacy; Rabbi Yechiel Tzvi Lichtenstein-Herschensohn; Before the Flood… And the Nephilim; Religion: A Crutch for the Weak; What was Nailed to the Cross in Colossians 2:14?; Messianic Jews and the Future of Christianity; Jimmy Carter’s Animus for Israel; North Korean Defector: ‘Even North Korea Wasn’t This Nuts’; In Memory of Ted Beckett; Tefillin; Messianic Arab Pastor Celebrates Israel; Why a Virginia School is Removing Urinals From the Boys’ Bathrooms; The Menu of John the Baptist; Elvis Presley’s Brush With Jewishness; The Neglected Result of the 1967 Six-Day War.


Jan—March 2022: YESHUA: Our Kohen HaGadol; Abraham Lincoln’s Gifts to the Jews; Early Earth Enigmas (Part 2); Jacob’s Wives, Sons, & Daughters; Frank Sinatra: Friend to Israel; Will American Jewry Again Fail to Confront Historic Threat?; The Masks of Purim; Deity of Messiah in the Tanach and other Jewish Writings; The Unlikely Evangelist; Let’s Talk Mental Health; New Friendships Between Israel and African Nations; Take Off Your Tinfoil Hat & Stop Acting Stupid; America’s Lost Boys and Me; Biden Cannot Allow Iran to Lead to a Munich Moment.


April—June 2022: What is the Gospel?, Early Earth Enigmas (Part 3); How to Raise a Messianic Cat; Ancient Conspiracies; The Deceitful Heart; Passover: A time for Separating Hebrews from Egyptians; Ruth:
A Jew by Choice; A Sanctuary in Time; How Israel Recued the Promised Land from Devastation and Neglect; The Tuskegee Airmen and the Bombing of Auschwitz; Crime and Punishment in Norway; Corrupt Academics and the Media; A Venerable Veteran Remembered; Britain’s M16 Attacked Jewish Refugee Ships During WW II.


July—Sept 2022: Obadiah the Proselyte; Commentary on Isaiah 53; Changing Times; The Perfect High Priest (Hebrews ch. 5); Early Earth Enigmas (Part 5); Is ‘Ardi’ the Missing Link?; Soul Sleep; Do Dogs go to Heaven? Demas Has Forsaken Me; Legends About Abraham; The Parting of Ways Between Judaism and Christianity; Ten Israeli Innovations That Changed the World; The Farmer’s Donkey; Shocked by Russian War Crimes? My Father Never Forgot Them; My Father, FDR, and the Rabbis’ March; A Church Without S.P.O.T.; The Ritchie Boys.


Oct—Dec 2022: The Perils of Backsliding (Hebrews 6); Conundrums of Creation (Part 1); What Happens to a Person After He Dies?; A Pre-Adamic World; Abortion in Israel; Kristallnacht: Night of Broken Glass; A Comparison of Yoseph & Yeshua; Mr. Shoshani: The Mysterious Genius; God Does Not Need Our Prayers; Come Out of Her My People; The Scientific Mafia & Immanuel Velikovsky; Paul McCartney: The Jewish Beatle; Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter; The Heart of the Arab/Jewish Conflict: Who Really has a Right to the Land?


Jan—March 2023: Principles of Faith; From His Tail to His Snout; Conundrums of Creation (Part 2); Levels of Inspiration; Melchizedek: Who is He? (Hebrews 7); Noah, the Dove, & the Messiah; Nachmanides; Purim Thoughts; Fascinating History of First Century Believers; Abraham’s Other Kids; Genesis Ch. 1—11: Fact or Fiction? Does it Matter?; How the Oral Torah Works; Black Hebrew Israelites; The Sinner’s Prayer; Chiune Sugihara: Japanese Hero; A Sad and Painful History; The Royal Jew From Swaziland; Biden is Guilty of Ignoring Massacres of Christians; Two Friends Who Escaped From Auschwitz and Warned the World; The Makuyas: Christian Zionists of Japan.


APRIL—JUNE 2023: Shavuot: Birthday of Messianic Judaism; Conundrums of Creation; Has the New Covenant Made the “Old” Covenant Obsolete? (Hebrews 8); What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You; Fascinating History of the First Jewish Believers #2; Obituary of Buttercup Botkin; Anti-Judaism and the Council of Nicaea; Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet; The Gospel According to Rod Serling; Antisemitism: Endangering America and Its Values; Does Abortion Violate Jewish Law?; Anti-Judaism and the Origin of the ‘Sunday’ Sabbath; The Origins of Arab Settlers in the Land of Israel.


JULY—SEPT 2023: WWJD? What Would Jesus Do?; Excerpts from My Back Pages… Exploits of Daniel Sabbatnik (ch. 18); Restoring First Century Faith; Conundrums of Creation (Part 4); Or LaGoyim: Light to the Gentiles; The Olive Tree; Adopting and Clinging to False Sabbaths; The Old Priesthood and the New Priesthood; The Woodpecker Might Have to go; Bereisheet: In the Beginning; Wingate’s Controversial Legacy & Christian Zionism; Racism: Biblical Creation is the Only Solution; The Jewish Sages Thought Isaiah 53 was About the Messiah; The Real Story Behind Sammy Davis Jr’s Conversion to Judaism; Question About First Fruits of Zion; Artificial Intelligence; Picture of a Prophet; Israel: A Ray of Sunshine in a Sea of Rage; Arab Voices for Israel; College Leaders Must Wake up to Antisemitism on Their Campuses.


OCT—DEC 2023: ACHDUT: The Call to Unity; Honoring Their Father’s Name?; “There is no ‘J’ in Hebrew!”; Hanukah: The Feast of Re-Dedicating the Temple; Secrets of the Soul & Spirit (Part 1); Presidential Traditions of Hanukkah; Angel of the Lord; Was Columbus a Secret Jew?; Hanukkah and George Washington; The Sacrifice of Messiah (Hebrews 10); Adapting to Climate Change; Are You Following a Franken-gospel; Netanyahu: “Devout Christians are the Greatest Champions of the State of Israel;” Is Halloween Kosher?; Mass Shooters Favorite Gun; The Alliance of the Far-Left and Far-Right on Antisemitism; “Behold the Virgin;” The Christian Population in Israel is Growing; U.S. Presidents Support a Jewish National Home in Palestine.


JAN—MARCH 2024: Commonwealth or Citizenship of Israel; A Modern-Day Esther; The Hall of Faith/ The Hall of Works (Hebrews 11); Behind the Scenes in Esther; Secrets of the Soul & Spirit (Part 2); Sarah: A Princess Among Women; Q&A: Tithing; Mel Brooks on Being a Jew; Why the Protestant Reformation Failed; Poll Reveals Most Palestinians Supported October 7 Massacre of Israelis; Lies About Israel and Gaza; Trailblazing Female Muslim Arab IDF Major; The Army of Locusts (Rev. 9); The Odd Parallels Between Kennedy and Lincoln.


APRIL—JUNE 2024: Is it Possible for Pagan Holidays and Traditions to be Sanctified?; “Where are the 6 Million Jews Who Died for Kiddush HaShem?; The Sign Above the Cross; Secrets of the Soul and Spirit; So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt; The Old Paths; Counting the Omer; HaTikvah—The Hope; The New Covenant: Blueprint for a Messianic Lifestyle; The Star of David; How Yeshua Became Yeshu; The Creations of Adonai; In Defense of Israel; February 2022 – Ukraine Invaded, February 2024: Navalny Murdered; Voices for Peace: Miss Iraq and Miss Israel; Meet Your Match; A Planet Like a Comet; HAMAS; A Prayer Across Time.