by Shoshana Bryen

American Thinker

The Accumulation
of Vibrations
In the movie, the Allied commandos sneak through Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia to the bridge they were assigned to blow up. After the requisite setbacks, our heroes enter the internal machinery of a dam upstream of the bridge and detonate their explosives. Then… nothing. Unperturbed, the explo-sives expert says, "Wait. It is the accumulation of vibrations that does it." Indeed, the smallish explosion causes cracks; the cracks cause more cracks; water begins to seep through the dam. Then, more water, more pressure, more cracks, more water. The bridge sways, and then collapses with a satisfying crash, sending the Nazi tanks and their crews into the drink.

     Friends of Israel have known for years that regardless what the Palestinian Authority (PA) says in diplomatic circles, in truth it rejects the legitimacy of Israel in the region and encourages violence against Israelis. The evidence is easily accessible: the Middle East Research Institute (MEMRI) translates material from across the Arab world into English. NGO Monitor tracks nongovernmental organizations and their support for Palestinian violence and intransigence. Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) studies Palestinian society through its media and textbooks.

     Those are the vibrations, and in the presence of a blunt American president, they appear to be accumulating. President Trump's White House statement to PA President Mahmoud Abbas laid down an unmistakable American marker (the bomb?): "There cannot be lasting peace unless the Palestinian leaders speak in a unified voice against incitement to violence and hate. There's such hatred.  But hopefully there won't be such hatred for very long.  All children of God must be taught to value and respect human life, and condemn all of those who target the innocent."

     Abbas responded that Palestinian children are "raised in a culture of peace." That was demonstrably false and was so demonstrated. By the time the President went to Bethlehem, it appears that he had seen enough to lambaste Abbas for lying to him. The President also, "raised concerns about the payments to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails who have committed acts of terrorism, and to their families, and emphasized the need to resolve this issue," according to the White House press secretary.


     Another crack in the dam and the water is beginning to rise. PMW had already documented the Palestinian Authority's veneration of Dalal Mughrabi -– a female terrorist involved in the Coastal Road massacre in which 37 civilians, 12 of them children, were killed and more than 70 others wounded. PMW notes that in the West Bank, there are three schools and a computer center named after her, and Abbas held a birthday celebration for her. But when the "Martyr Dalal Mughrabi Center: A cul-tural and social center and youth center in partnership with the Burqa village council and the Women's [Technical] Affairs Committee," was found to have Norwegian government and UN money behind it, the bridge began to sway.

     The Norwegian government, often hostile to Israel, demanded its money back. Foreign Minister Borge Brende said, "The glorification of terrorist attacks is completely unacceptable… Norway will not allow itself to be associated with institutions that take the names of terrorists in this way. We will not accept the use of Norwegian aid funding for such purposes."

     And right behind him was the office of the Secretary General of the UN, proclaiming:

     "The UN disassociated itself from the Center once it learned the offensive name chosen for it and will take measures to ensure that such incidents do not take place in the future. The glorification of terrorism, or the perpetrators of heinous terrorist acts, is unacceptable under any circumstances. The UN has repeatedly called for an end to incitement to violence and hatred as they present one of the obstacles to peace."

     It may be the first time Palestinian behavior was specifically named as an "obstacle to peace," and, perhaps, the first time the PA was denounced in the UN for terrorism. And then Denmark. Following a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Danish Foreign Ministry announced a "comprehensive review" of Danish donations to the Palestinian Authority:

     "We must be sure that Danish aid helps to advance human rights in the Palestinian territories in a positive manner. It is possible that in wake of the examination we will be forced to stop our support of a number of Palestinian organizations. Until this examination is complete we won't sign any new grants for Palestinian organizations."

     Even UNRWA, often Israel's nemesis in the territories, may have had enough. Last year, a panel of experts determined -- not for the first time -- that the textbooks used by the Palestinian Authority venerate violence and martyrdom. Such complaints are generally ignored, but UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness has announced:

     "It is UNRWA policy to review, and where appropriate enrich the official PA textbooks, curricula and other learning materials used in UNRWA schools to ensure...strengthening respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and promoting understanding and tolerance..."

As an Arab, I am Embarrassed by the Six-Day War of 1967

by Fred Maroun, a Canadian of Arab origin who lived in Lebanon until 1984, including

during 10 years of civil war.

On the anniversary of the Six-Day War, I commemorate with my Jewish friends. Before the war, Jews around the world feared  what would happen to the Jews of Israel as they were surrounded by Arab armies and as the Arab leaders drummed up anti-Semitic hatred. But Israel stunned the whole world and particularly Arab leaders when it initiated a preventative attack, and when its young army vanquished much bigger and more experienced Arab armies in the short space of six days.

     I am happy for my Jewish friends, but at the same time, as an Arab, I am embarrassed. I am not embarrassed that we lost. We deserved to lose, and I cannot even think of the massacres that may have ensued if we won. I am embarrassed that we started the war in the first place. An unnecessary war that followed 19 years after another unnecessary war that we also lost.

     I am embarrassed that we let hatred drive our decision to go to war. I am embarrassed that we did not take Israel's offer right after the war to make peace in exchange for land. I am embarrassed that since then, Egypt's and Jordan's realization of the foolishness of war was not matched by the rest of the Arab world, esp. my own country of Lebanon.

     I am embarrassed that we never made a single credible comprehensive offer of peace to Israel. I am embarrassed that still today, over 69 years after our first war against Israel, we still use the Palestinians as pawns in our war of hatred.

     I am embarrassed that instead of denouncing the hatred, much of the world has joined with us in attacking the Jews' right to self-determination. I am embarrassed that I, and the few other Arabs who stand up to hatred, cannot do much more than speak up, and that we have not moved to action even our fellow Arabs who live comfortably in the West.

     I am embarrassed as a citizen of the West because we pay lip service to Israel but we cannot provide substantial support to Israel, for example against the Arab attempts to rewrite the past and erase the Jewish history of Jerusalem.

     I am embarrassed that we in the West are too beholden to Arab dictators to even take the symbolic step of recognizing that Jerusalem is an indivisible part of Israel. I am embarrassed to ethnically belong to a group that thrives on hatred and to geographically belong to a group that appeases haters.

     I am embarrassed to belong to a human race that has learned nothing from the lessons of the past and that continues to let anti-Semitism fester and grow. I am embarrassed that I cannot write these words in an Arab publica-tion or even in a main-stream Western publication because hatred and appeasement are too strong.

     But there is something that I can do, and it is to fly in the face of every Arab tyrant and every Arab hate-monger, and to write the truth where I can, because unlike the vast majority Arabs who see the truth and yet remain silent, I refuse to be silenced, and that is something that I am proud of.

     So, to my Jewish friends, on the anniversary of the Six-Day War, I say, you have a lot to be proud of, not only from those six days, but from everything that your people did before and after. All the hatred in the world cannot take that pride away.

The Republic of Vanuatu Recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

The small Pacific island nation of Vanuatu has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The decision follows a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) anti-Israel resolution from October 2016 that denies Jewish ties to the Temple Mount.

     Vanuatu President Baldwin Lonsdale, an evangelical Christian, expressed a strong connection to the Jewish people and the State of Israel. During a meeting with Vanuatu’s honorary consul to Israel, the issue of the UNESCO vote came up, and Lonsdale said he was disappointed in the results as well as in his country’s acceptance, which he apparently viewed as a mistake.

     Lonsdale later signed a document stating that Jerusalem should be recognized as Israel’s capital and condemning the UNESCO resolution. He also expressed an interest in visiting Israel, which would be the first by a president of that nation.

     Vanuatu is an 83-island archipelago situated between Australia and Fiji, with a population of about 300,000. Israel’s ambassador to Vanuatu and to other Pacific island nations, Tibor Shalev Schlosser, works out of the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem. Vanuatu has an honorary consulate in Israel.

Hiram Bingham - A True Hero

Here is an interesting piece of the curious behavior of the Roosevelt administration toward the Jews during World War II.

     Former Secretary of State Colin Powell gave a posthumous award for "constructive dissent" to Hiram (or Harry) Bingham, IV. For over fifty years, the State Department resisted any attempt to honor Bingham. For them he was an insubordinate member of the US diplomatic service, a dangerous maverick who was eventually demoted. Now, after his death, he has been officially recognized as a hero.

     Bingham came from an illustrious family. His father (upon whom the fictional character Indiana Jones was based) was the archeologist who unearthed the Inca City of Machu Picchu, Peru, in 1911. Harry entered the US diplomatic service and, in 1939, was posted to Marseilles, France, as American Vice-Consul.

     The USA was then neutral and, not wishing to annoy Marshal Petain's puppet Vichy regime[1] and because of rampant anti-Semitism of certain State Department officials, including Assistant Secretary of State Breckenridge Long,  who illegally ordered its representatives and consuls in Europe, including Marseilles, Lisbon, Zurich et al, not to grant visas to any Jews. Bingham found this policy immoral and, risking his career, did all in his power to undermine it.

     In defiance of his bosses in Washington, he granted over 2,500 USA visas to Jewish and other refugees, including the artists Marc Chagall and Max Ernst and the family of the writer Thomas Mann. He also sheltered Jews in his Marseilles home, and obtained forged identity papers to help Jews in their dangerous journeys across Europe. He worked with the French underground to smuggle Jews out of France into Franco's Spain or across the Mediterranean and even contributed to their expenses out of his own pocket. In 1941, Washington lost patience with him. He was sent to Argentina, where later he continued to annoy his superiors by reporting on the movements of Nazi war criminals.

     Eventually, he was forced out of the American diplomatic service completely. Bingham died almost penniless in 1988. Little was known of his extraordinary activities until his son found some letters in his belongings after his death. He has now been honored by many groups and organizations, including the United Nations and the State of Israel.

PA Paid Terrorists NIS 1.15 Billion in 2016, Intelligence Official Says

Speaking at a Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee meeting on Palestinian incitement, Brig. Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser, formerly head of the Military Intelligence Research Division, said that "in 2016, the Palestinian Authority paid 1.15 billion shekels [$322 million] in salaries to terrorists and their families. This amounted to 20% of the foreign aid it received." 

US Senate Presses Trump to Move Israel Embassy

The US Senate called on President Donald Trump to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, a campaign pledge that he has failed to fulfill so far. Trump signed a 6-month waiver on June 1 to keep the embassy in Tel Aviv.

     Senators voted 90-0  on June 5 to approve a resolution that marked the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Six-Day War and urged Trump to uphold the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act, which required then-President Bill Clinton to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv. “Jerusalem should remain the undivided capital of Israel in which the rights of every ethnic and religious group are protected,” the measure stated, while advocating a two-state solution for the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

     Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the resolution’s chief sponsor said its bipartisan passing showed “the United States’ commitment to standing by our Israeli friends.” The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) hailed the resolution.

There Were Once Jews Here

by Lucette Lagnado

During the Six-Day War, some of the Arab countries at war with Israel—Egypt, Tunisia, Libya—treated their Jewish populations terribly, causing them to leave en masse. We have been hearing a lot about the war waged by multiple Arab countries against Israel 50 years. But there was another war waged some of those same countries that same week that we have heard pretty much nothing about: a war against the Jews.

     Even in June 1967, after over two decades of threats, expulsions, and pointed hostility by Arab leaders toward their own Jewish populations, there were still some doughty Jews left in the Arab world. Admittedly, not too many.

     By the mid to late 1960s, the vast majority of Arab Jews, who once numbered 800,000, were gone from their ancestral lands. It had taken only two decades for the Arab world—a fairly congenial home for Jews for hundreds of years or more —to rid themselves of most of their Jewish populations. Some countries, such as Algeria, had seen Jews leave en masse after the country became independent from France in 1962 and there were few who remained.

     But some Jewish stragglers had held on. Either out of a sense of principle that the Middle East was their home, or because they lacked the wherewithal to leave, or they thought they could tough it out, or God knows why. There they were, clustered in small communities from Cairo to Tunis. That week in June 1967—which sparked terrifying anti-Jewish riots, shop burnings, mass incarcerations, and even murders—would change that, eliminating any last lingering illusions these Jews may have held that they could stay put.

     We know of course how multiple Arab armies who had expected to stamp out Israel were themselves crushed. It was all so humiliating, and it is understandable the region was seething.

What wasn’t—what isn’t—forgivable, even looking back over 50 years later, was how residents of those countries chose to vent their rage: By turning it against the Jews in their midst, most of whom were studiously apolitical and had nothing to do with the war, its outbreak or its outcome

     Even in those countries that were ... “nice to the Jews”—such in Tunisia, where fairly sizable Jewish communities were left in 1967—there were terrifying demonstrations and expressions of hatred and venom. Jews from Morocco left in exodus. In countries like Libya, murderous assaults took place that prompted an emergency evacuation of hundreds of Jews.

     Egypt, where I was born and spent my early childhood, engaged in especially tawdry behavior. My family had left in 1963, following tens of thousands of other Jews out of the country. We did so reluctantly: My father didn’t want to go and it took pressure from my siblings to convince him. He simply couldn’t bear the thought of life outside of Egypt.

     That was the case with a lot of Egyptian Jews. While they loved Israel too, they saw themselves as Egyptian. I can still hear Dad’s cries on the boat out of Alexandria harbor: “Ragaouna Masr”—Take Us Back to Cairo. But our little boat kept chugging along. It wouldn’t turn back. It has taken me years to realize—sort of, as I still love Egypt: Lucky us.

     In 1967, there were an estimated 2,500-3,000 Jews still left between Cairo and Alexandria, down from a high of 80,000 in 1948. On that week in ’67, the Egyptian government began rounding up Jewish men, to send to jails and prison camps.  By accounts of the time, as many as 400 or 500 Jews were imprisoned.

     While they gallantly left girls and women alone, authorities picked up Jewish men young and old. Even the Chief Rabbi of Alexandria was arrested. Enraged about their failure to defeat the Jewish state, the Egyptians turned their wrath on Jews whose crime, as far as I can tell, was that they were living in Egypt.

     Nor did the aftermath of the war lead to the prisoners’ swift release. It is true some were in jail a mere couple of weeks until some foreign embassies helped get them out. But others lingered for months, even years, as Egypt released Jewish prisoners in painful dribs and drabs.

     Albert Gabbai, rabbi of Congregation Mikveh Israel in Philadelphia, was 18 and still in school in Cairo that June. He and his three older brothers and two sisters lived with their widowed mother. Their father, once a shirt-maker to King Farouk, had died years earlier and the brothers managed his clothing business along with their mom. Four other brothers had made it to America and the plan, he recalled, was to join them.

     Rabbi Gabbai still remembers how the authorities first dragged his two older brothers to prison that week in June. Then some weeks later they came for him and another brother. They carried machine guns, yet were exquisitely polite, he recalls, inviting him to come with them as if they were going out for coffee. The four Gabbai brothers remained prisoners for three years, till June 1970.

     There were other Jewish victims across the Middle East. While in Tunis researching a book on Jews of the Arab lands, I met with elderly Jews who vividly remembered that week in ’67, when a country that had treated them exceedingly well became simply unrecognizable.

     They recalled how mobs took to the streets, targeting Jewish shops for destruction. They attacked the magnificent Grande Synagogue, whose enormous towering Jewish star was a testament to how tolerant Tunisian culture once had been...

Hamas Terrorist Tunnel Discovered Under a School Run by UNRWA in the Gaza StripA Hamas terrorist tunnel was discovered under a school in Gaza run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine (UNRWA), Israeli media reported on Friday 9 June 2017. The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, confirmed the discovery of the tunnel.

     “The tunnel was discovered underneath a school for boys in Al-Maazi. It is clear that the entire Arab world understands that it is the Hamas terror organization that destroys Gaza and eliminates any chance of a good future for Gazans,” wrote Mordechai. Digging a tunnel underneath a school is nothing new for Hamas, which regularly uses civilians as human shields and hides rocket launchers in places such as schools and soccer fields. During Israel’s 2014 counter-terrorism Operation Protective Edge, Hamas rockets were discovered inside an UNRWA school building. Likewise, a booby-trapped UNRWA clinic was detonated, killing three IDF soldiers. Aside from the massive amounts of explosives hidden in the walls of the clinic, it was revealed that it stood on top of dozens of terror tunnels, showing how UNRWA is closely embedded with Hamas. (Arutz-7)

UNRWA: A Brief Review: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), with its $1.3 billion budget (30% of which comes from USA taxpayers), actually perpetuates the refugee problem it was created to solve, while promoting Palestinian rejectionism and Jew hatred. The original 700,000 Palestinians leaving Israel have now been magically transformed into over 5.6 million "refugees" registered with UNRWA, about half of all the Palestinians living in the world today. The "temporary" UN agency has developed into a bloated bureaucracy with a staff of 30,000, almost all of who are Palestinians (many are activists of Hamas, the Islamist terrorist group). Less than 5% of UNRWA's clients ever lived in Israel, but the agency's regulations state that all descendants of the original displaced persons shall retain their refugee rights in perpetuity. (JNN)           JNN NEWS, P.O. Box 7411

                   Jerusalem 91073, ISRAEL

Warren Buffet is Attempting to Raise $200 Million in Israel Bonds:  Business magnate Warren Buffett is encouraging the purchase of Israel Bonds at private events in New York. Guests attending the events with Buffett on 15 June 2017 have pledged to buy $1 million to $5 million in Israel Bonds in order to meet the American billionaire, whose net worth of $75.6 billion makes him the second richest person in the world. Israel Bonds said that following Thursday’s events, Buffett was expected to have helped bring in about $200 million in bonds investments. “Israel Bonds is proud to call Warren Buffett a friend,” said Israel Maimon, president of Israel Bonds. “By supporting the Israel Bonds organization through these events and investing directly in Israel Bonds himself, Mr. Buffett is helping to ensure that the State of Israel will continue to prosper, and will continue to be a model of innovation and economic growth for decades to come.” Buffett has spoken highly of the Jewish state. “If you are looking for brains, energy and dynamism in the Middle East, Israel is the only place you need to go,” the billionaire said. (JTA) “May the Lord bless you from Zion; may you see the prosperity of Jerusalem all the days of your life,” Ps. 128:5

Saudi Newspaper Criticizes Hamas:  The Saudi newspaper Okaz reported last week that Hamas has invested "$120 million in the past year in intensive tunnel construction. Hamas allocates millions of Saudi and UAE dollars in order to support Iranian-orchestrated terror." Saying "there is no difference" between ISIS and Hamas, the paper called for immediate Arab intervention in order to prevent Hamas' exploitation of Gaza's citizens. "Hamas uses all the aid the Palestinians receive to support their interests, it digs tunnels under schools, houses and hospitals and thereby poses a danger to the lives of Palestinian [and Israeli] civilians." (J. Post)

The UK Balance of Power – Weighted Toward Israel:  The June general election in Britain resulted in what is known as a “hung parliament.” While PM Theresa May’s Conservatives won the most seats, they did not gain enough to command a majority in the House of Commons. To win essential parliamentary votes, such as on the legislative program or the budget, they need additional support. The only grouping in the new parliament politically close to the Conservatives is the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), a rightwing Northern Ireland party that won 10 seats in the election – 10 vital seats for, added to the Conservatives’ total, they provide that essential majority over all other parties. The (DUP) party was founded in 1971 by the Reverend Ian Paisley.

     When Paisley launched the Northern Ireland Friends of Israel in March 2009, he drew a parallel between Israel’s and Northern Ireland’s struggles against terrorism. He also prayed for peace in Jerusalem, demonstrating another strand in the genetic makeup of the DUP – a Bible-believing Protestant background. Many supporters of the DUP sincerely accept the biblical basis of the Jewish people’s connection to the land. It is comforting to consider that this aspect of Conservative thinking will be sustained at the highest decision-making level in the new UK administration by the dependable voice of the DUP.

Israel Has Unexpected Ally in Saudi Arabia     Israel Today News   

It's no secret that Saudi Arabia and Hamas have not always seen eye-to-eye. But to have the oil-rich kingdom openly call for Hamas' demise, knowing that the terror group exists first and foremost to destroy Israel, is a pretty big step forward. And that's precisely what happened this week when Saudi Arabia insisted that if Qatar wants to end its current dispute with Middle East powers, it must stop supporting terrorists like Hamas. On Monday, Saudi Arabia joined Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates in cutting all diplomatic ties to Qatar, as well as shutting down land, sea and air links to the Gulf state. By basing reconciliation on Qatar ending its relationship with Hamas and its parent, the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia has drawn a new and surprising line in the sands of this volatile region. Pray that the political relationship between Israel and the moderate Arab nations will continue to develop.


Israel Hackers Supplied Intel on

Terror Plans to Blowup Passenger Planes     Times of Israel News

The sensitive intelligence that US President Donald Trump controversially revealed to the Russians was gathered by an Israeli cyber warfare unit that penetrated an Islamic State group bomb-making cell, The New York Times reported on Monday. The acutely sensitive information obtained by the Israelis reportedly exposed how IS intended to use bombs in laptops to blow up airliners. Previous reports on the leaked information had indicated that it was an Israeli agent who had infiltrated the organization. A New York Times  reported that the information was specifically about an IS plot to disguise bombs as laptop batteries in a way that would trick X-ray security machines at airports. The report said this Israeli cyber breakthrough had been one of the only successes in infiltrating IS. Top Israeli cyber operators penetrated a small cell of extremist bombmakers in Syria months ago, the officials said. That was how the United States learned that the terrorist group was working to make explosives that fooled airport X-ray machines and other screening by looking exactly like batteries for laptop computers, the report said. Let's pray that all terror plots are uncovered and exposed, saving the lives of many.


Turkish Muslim Leader Affirms Israel is the Land of the Jewish People  

Israel Today News   

The following is a portion of a press release from Turkish Muslim teacher Adnan Oktar, whose recent Ramadan gathering in Istanbul was attended by several leading Israeli nationalist figures. Mr. Oktar said, "People are more religious in Israel, that is a blessing for the entire region and the Islamic world. They are not aware that Jews are people of love. We all will be students of the King Moshiach, the King Messiah. The love for Moshiach brings blessings to Israel, this is a vital matter. God protects Israel from all troubles. If anyone attempts any harm against Israel, we will bring heavens down on them."

     He then made a request from the Israeli youth asking thousands of Jewish youth to come together and "pray out loud for Moshiach's coming." Regarding Israel's presence in the Middle East, Mr. Oktar added, "God promised you to live on that land. You are a blessing for Muslims, but they can not appreciate this."        


Defense Minister Comes Out Against 2005 Gaza Withdrawal; 'Grave Mistake'

By JNS - “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” Proverbs 22:28 (The Israel Bible™)


     Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Thursday he “absolutely agreed” with comments made by Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yair Naveh in an interview with Israel Hayom in which he declared that Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and four settlements in northern Samaria in 2005 was a “grave mistake.”

     The interview with Naveh, who was chief of the Central Command at the time of the disengagement and later became IDF deputy chief of staff, appears in full today. Naveh oversaw the evacuation of settlements from Northern Samaria.

     “The [2005] disengagement was a mistake. It was an adventure and a mistake for which we’re still paying a high price,” Lieberman said Thursday, in an interview on the ultra-Orthodox Kol Hai radio station.

     “The idea behind the disengagement, that the Arabs would all of a sudden want peace and would be our subcontractors on security, collapsed,” Lieberman said.

     “We wound up with an agreement signed by the European Union, and [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas got the Gaza Strip handed to him on a silver platter. Two years later, Hamas seized control [of Gaza], and today we are seeing the results.”
     In his original interview, Naveh said that There is no doubt that neither in Gaza nor in Samaria have we forged any security advantage…There was no benefit there, zero. Nothing has changed there for the better.”

Editor's Note:  Every piece of territory that Israel has withdrawn from has been used as launching pads for further violence against Israel.

World’s Democracies Absent at Annual UN Israel-Bashing DebateThe world’s democracies collectively snubbed the UN Human Rights Council’s annual condemnation of Israel in Geneva on 19 June 2017 when none of their representatives attended the council’s presentation and debate on “Item 7” - a permanent agenda item focused on the “Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.” The seats of all the democratic nations represented on the council were empty for the duration of the discussion, sparking protests from Arab countries.

     In an address to the council on 6 June 2017, USA Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley charged that “Item 7 is a scandalous provision that must be removed.” Hillel Neuer - executive director of the Geneva-based UN Watch NGO said, “The democracies are absent to protest prejudice - because this is the only agenda item that singles out one specific state, the Jewish state. Not Syria, Sudan or North Korea is treated this way.” Nonetheless, the absence of these countries did not prevent routine denunciations of Israel, with serial human rights abusers like Syria, Lebanon and Venezuela attacking Israel’s human rights record and depicting it as the “greatest threat to peace in the Middle East.” (Algemeiner) Continue to pray that UN anti-Israel bias will be confronted and overcome in all UN branches.

Source: Barry & Batya Segal,

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Reports: Trump Furious With Palestinians, Might Pull Out of Peace Process:  The international mainstream media painted last week's meeting between Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and USA President Donald Trump's senior advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as "productive." The London-based Arabic-language daily al-Hayat instead called the meeting "tense," and said it ended with a serious rift between the Americans and the Palestinians. According to Palestinian officials who spoke to the newspaper, Trump is now considering pulling out of the Mideast peace process altogether.

     Abbas is said to have been outraged when Kushner entered the room and conveyed Israel's demand that he stop using international financial aid to pay salaries to terrorists sitting in Israeli jails. Kushner also insisted that Palestinian officials halt all incitement against Israel, and expressed disappointment that Abbas had failed to condemn a deadly terrorist stabbing which occurred days ago in Jerusalem and took the life of a young female Border Police officer. Al-Hayat wrote that Abbas fired back by accusing Kushner of "taking Israel's side," and was adamant that paying salaries to convicted terrorists was part of his "social responsibility." (Israel Today) The single hope for peace in the Middle East is for the good news of Yeshua to penetrate through Muslim strongholds. Please pray to that end.

UN Excuses Wife-Beating as Natural Reaction to ‘Israeli Occupation’:  First, they called terrorism a "natural reaction" to the presence of Jews in the Holy Land. Now, at a UN Human Rights Council debate this month, the director of UN Watch, Hillel Neuer, challenged a new report blaming Israel for when Palestinian husbands beat their wives. "Is it right to continue infantilizing Palestinians, such that when a man in Ramallah beats his wife, we encourage him to say ‘Israel made me do it’?" Neuer asked the report's author, Dubravka Simonovic, the UN Rapporteur on Violence against Women.

     Neuer further noted that while Israeli counter-terrorism measures might put pressure on the Palestinian population, that doesn't explain why violence against women is equally prevalent in the neighboring countries of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. Nor was there any excuse for Simonovic's lack of actual evidence to support her conclusion. But, most notably, Neuer wondered how the report could draw a dubious link between Israeli security and Palestinian spousal abuse, while ignoring entirely the regular weekly sermons by Palestinian Muslim clerics encouraging such domestic violence. (Israel Today)      Vision for Israel, PO Box 7265

                   Jerusalem 9107301, ISRAEL

Britain's Battle
For TruthAs Londoners are left reeling with shock at a succession of terrible tragedies, angry residents and pundits inevitably start looking for someone to blame.

Charles Gardner

     When children fight in the playground and someone gets hurt, it’s always someone else’s fault. But there is a sense in which we are all to blame – for we have, as a nation, turned our backs on truth, honesty and integrity in favour of the brave new world’s ‘anything goes’ mantra as long as it feels right. How do we measure truth when it is so subjective? If it’s not found in the Bible, where do we look for it? After discarding our Christian heritage and throwing out God’s laws, it’s not surprising there are so many different versions of truth portrayed by today’s media.

     The BBC, for example, has shown a propensity in recent times for turning terrorists into victims – particularly when reporting on violence in Israel. Thus, on June 16, when a 23-year-old Israeli policewoman was stabbed to death and four others injured in a Jerusalem attack which also involved shooting, the BBC tweeted: “Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem” – a shamefully misleading headline focusing attention on the attackers, as if they were the victims.

     The prophet Isaiah wrote of how – when we have turned our backs on God – “truth has stumbled in the streets; honesty cannot enter. Truth is nowhere to be found.” (Isaiah 59.13-15)

     At the rally following London’s Al Quds march, the Iranian-inspired day calling for the destruction of Israel, one speaker perversely blamed the tragic West London fire on ‘Zionists.’ “Some of the biggest supporters of the Conservative Party are Zionists,” he ranted. “They are responsible for the murder of the people in Grenfell Tower.”

     As blogger Richard Millett asked: “How in 2017 is a terror organisation like Hezbollah, with a rifle emblazoned on its flag, allowed to parade through London? Is the British Jewish community so ill-considered, so small that we are so easily sacrificed? Would the authorities allow Al Qaeda or ISIS parades?”

     The marchers have exploited a loophole in the law against flying the flags of proscribed organisations like Hezbollah by claiming that they are supporting its political (rather than military) wing even though they both use the same flag and support the same cause, which is the total destruction of the Jewish state, as their chants – “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” – clearly indicate. Whatever happened to the law against ‘hate speech’?

     Convened by the Islamic Human Rights Commission, a British Muslim organisation with close ties to the Iranian regime, the march took place despite a petition calling for its ban signed by over 20,000 people which stated: “After the terrible recent terrorist events in Manchester and London, this display of extremism has no place on the streets of the UK.”

     ...But I see hope on three specific fronts, starting with the example of Christians in South Africa, to whom I have already referred on this site. Faced with corruption and violence in their nation, they came together on a farmer’s field to pray on April 22nd; not just the faithful few who turn up to such meetings, but a massive gathering of 1.7 million – more than the population of Birmingham, Britain’s second city. Many had traveled the length and breadth of that big country to plead God’s mercy on their troubles. Isn’t it time British Christians got together to do something similar? Is our situation not desperate enough, with violence becoming endemic and truth turned on its head?

     Secondly, not far from Birmingham, I visited a friend in prison whose Christian faith shines out so brightly that he is effectively working as a chaplain to many of his fellow inmates. He knows from his experience in the outside world how it is often difficult to get people to talk about or share their faith, even in churches. But now he struggles to shut them up as they all want to share the goodness of God, especially during Bible classes and chapel services packed with men praising the Lord in full voice. And a friend tells of a jail in Wiltshire where men, “feeling completely abandoned by society, are so ready to hear the gospel”.

     Many years ago I was told of a prophecy that revival in Britain would start in the prisons! Thirdly, I have been profoundly moved by the response of churches in the Grenfell Tower area of London, scene of the tragic fire where an estimated 79 people perished and hundreds more were made homeless.

     One such is the Tabernacle Christian Centre which had opened its doors to the victims at 2am on the night of the fire, shortly after it started. And they have been providing refuge and shelter ever since. Members had been praying at the church just before the fire broke out when someone shared what he felt was a ‘word from the Lord’ that He was going to bring many people into the church, and that they must be prepared!

     A cross stands at the centre of the premises, with a Jewish menorah close by. “We preach Christ crucified,” the pastor explained, adding that they also love Israel and the Jewish people, and regularly pray for them...  

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from

Key Lessons From the Israeli Healthcare System for the USA
Karen Wolk-Feinstein, PhD

Jewish Healthcare Foundation, June 28, 2017


Israel's healthcare system has significant relevance and important lessons to lend to healthcare reform efforts in the United States. In 1995, as the US failed to enact healthcare reform, Israel achieved significant redesign of its healthcare system.

     Through the adoption of a National Health Insurance law, Israel created an overall framework for its healthcare system, provided universal coverage and delineated a basic benefits package to which all citizens and permanent residents are entitled. Fourteen years later, with government-financed insurance coverage provided through 4 competing health-maintenance organizations, Israel's per capita costs are half those of the United States and its outcomes in many areas are superior. 

     Some of the differences between the two systems emerge from a divergence in basic values: in Israel, healthcare is a "universal good," which society is responsible for making available to all its members, while in the US, healthcare is an individual good that is "organized" largely through market forces and includes many for-profit actors. These basically different values set in motion a series of processes that yielded, in the US, a health sector involving multiple, competitive providers and payers emphasizing high yield, acute care, inpatient health information technology (HIT) and expensive medical education, but also cutting edge R&D.

     By contrast, Israel's emphasis on social solidarity prompted the development (as early as the 1920s) of organized systems of care focused on improving population health efficiently via an emphasis on primary care, supported by heavily subsidized medical education. In recent decades, the Israeli healthcare system has benefited from major investments in outpatient HIT and the creation of a process for prioritizing investments in new technology that is among the most advanced and transparent in the world.

     In important respects, the US health reform debates have been about the best way to move the US toward a more integrated model aligning payment with care delivery and targeting safety, efficiency, access and quality.

     Therefore, as the US moves to revisit the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – which aims not only to expand access to health insurance, but also to strengthen primary care, contain costs and require multi-provider accountability for coordinated high quality care – there is much to learn from Israel, where these concepts are already at work.

UK Threatens to Close Jewish School For Not Teaching LGBT Agenda

Chana Roberts,

A private haredi ("Ultra-Orthodox") school with 212 students in northern London is in danger of being ordered to close after it failed its third inspection since February 2016 last month. The school, which teaches haredi girls ages three to eight, was reported as not giving students "a full understanding of fundamental British values" because they do not teach the LGBT agenda.

     Jewish law prohibits the homosexual act and only recognizes a marriage between a man and woman as a legitimate way to build a family. According to the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services, and Schools (Ofsted), the girls "are not taught explicitly about issues such as sexual orientation. This restricts the pupils' spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development and does not promote the equality of opportunity in ways that take account of differing lifestyles."

     School leaders "recognize the requirement to teach about the protected characteristics as set out in the Equality Act 2010," the report continued. "However, they acknowledge that they do not teach pupils about all the protected characteristics, particularly those relating to gender re-assignment and sexual orientation. This means that pupils have a limited understanding of the different lifestyles and partnerships that individuals may choose in present-day society."

     This approach, they said, means the children are "shielded from learning about certain differences between people, such as sexual orientation. The school's culture, however, clearly focused on teaching pupils to respect everybody, regardless of beliefs and lifestyles."

     Though the school is not expected to "promote" ideas about sexual orientation or gender reassignment, they must still "encourage pupils' respect for other people, paying particular regard to the protected characteristics set out in the 2010 Equalities Act."

     Elsewhere in the report, the school, which belongs to the Vizhnitz hasidic sect, was praised for its high quality of education. "It’s now been made crystal clear by Ofsted that the Equality Act is actually hierarchical," Christians in Education member Gill Robins said. "Sexual orientation and gender reassignment are at the apex of the Act."

     Freedom of religion is not. "All equalities are equal, but some equalities are more equal than others. Ofsted has revealed its true agenda. It doesn't matter how good your school is in all other respects - simply refusing to teach very young children about gender reassignment will lead to your closure." ...


Editor's Note: When the LGBTQ agenda was being promoted prior to legalization, the promise was that religious rights would be protected. Lie.

[1] This was a regime established by Nazi

  Germany in German-occupied France.